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I can help you eliminate your symptoms. You can work with me – one on one. Check out my philosophy, my offers and testimonials. I look forward to working with you!

Do you ever feel like you’re always going to be sick, that feeling unwell is just part of your life?

Well, it doesn’t have to be; not if I can help it (or help you, as it were). I am not a Doctor but I know what it feels like to be unwell, to have an autoimmune disorder and to feel as if I’m never going to get better or that I’m never going to feel well again. If this is you, hang in there and stay tuned.

How about I help you with that?

I can help you. With help, I was able to heal digestive issues and an autoimmune disorder (eczema).

One of the things I do best (and the thing I am super passionate about), is teaching people like you, methods for eliminating your symptoms so you can feel better and get on with your life. We will find the method that is best for you; one that you feel comfortable with.

The problem with food

Food is a huge problem these days. As a child, I never would have imagined this would be the case. You’re hungry and you eat, right? Wrong. These days food contains antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Food is poisoning people. Food sickness has become an epidemic. There is a way around it though. You gotta change what you eat.

Let’s treat the problem

Often times there is no need for people to be taking medication. People are prescribed medication to treat their symptoms, not to treat the problem itself. Honestly, it makes me crazy when people are prescribed medications for issues that can often be solved by changing what they eat. Medication does not solve the problem but it often exacerbates it.

I will help guide you toward fixing the problem, once and for all.

Now, some people need medication. I’m not advising people quit their medication (read my disclaimer). However, when people discover which foods are causing their symptoms (and food is often the culprit), they are often able to decrease or cease taking medication.

Note: I only take a handful of clients per month and only if I think I can help you. Let’s see what we can accomplish together. I am so excited for you! 🙂

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Coaching sessions

I offer individual coaching sessions as well as two coaching packages to choose from.

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natural health package

Natural healthcare packages

Hire me to put together a natural healthcare package for you.

What is a healthcare package? It’s a comprehensive guide of foods to avoid for prevention, foods to eat to encourage healing and natural remedies that you can use to manage a particular ailment/illness.

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