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Coaching and Consulting

 Hi, I'm Kenda. I'm a Natural Health Coach and Consultant. I help naturally-minded mamas heal chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. I specialize in helping women heal eczema. 

I will provide you with the support and guidance you need to help you heal naturally.

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How I can help


Hire me to put together a Natural Healing Plan for you. These are comprehensive guides for healing chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. You'll learn what caused your particular condition; foods you should avoid to prevent your symptoms; food, herbs & supplements to add to your diet to encourage healing and the exact steps you need to take to heal.

Natural Health Coaching

Natural Health Coaching

This is a 3-month coaching program in which I offer ongoing support and guidance to help you heal your autoimmune condition for good so you can get on with your life and finally begin feeling better. I specialize in helping women and their children heal eczema but I can help with many conditions.