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We are overloaded with toxins these days. There are a few warning signs that your body needs detoxing. Find out what they are.


Warning Signs That Your Body Is Screaming For a Detox

Have you ever wondered why your body seems to suddenly retain toxins in your bloodstream? It could be that you are in dire need of detoxification. Naturally, our bodies have a network of organs that function together to eliminate toxins from our blood streams. They do this by absorbing the toxins and transporting them to the lymph nodes, where they undergo some processes before they are eliminated. However, when the lymph nodes are clogged by toxins, you have a buildup, which in turn could give you problems.

What is Responsible For Natural Removal of Toxins from Your Body?

Toxins are substances that interfere with your body’s natural state of balance, health and happiness. It would interest you to know that the organs of your body, such as your kidneys, liver and your skin all work together to push out toxins from your body.  Water helps your liver convert fat into usable energy. It works in sync with your kidney in getting impurities out of your body. Staying hydrated is very important, especially if you have the Pitta ayurvedic body type. If you don’t drink enough water, your kidney accumulates concentrated fluids, which may cause irritations. 

The skin also helps to push out toxins through sweating. But then, it may be possible that at one point or another, the liver and kidneys may get overworked in the process of elimination that they wouldn’t be able to take anymore, and so, they eventually break down. The process is a subtle and gradual one, one you might never even know of until the effects barge in on you without so much as a notice.

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Noticeable Symptoms That Your Body Needs Detoxification

Now, I intend to show you how to look out for the signs of toxin accumulation in your body, and ayurvedic benefits to restore you.

1. Constant Tiredness of Body Nerves and Muscles 

Have you observed that you get so exhausted easily to the extent that you cannot lift a finger? We all experience that at one point or the other. However, you may suddenly notice that this exhaustion is not related to any exertion of work. In fact, you haven’t lifted so much as your pillow, still, you feel tired, sluggish and sleep more often. Hey, it may be that your body is in need of a quick fix. With the buildup of toxins in your system, your concentration is sure to be affected. The adrenaline which is supplied by the adrenal glands has been slow-paced as a result of the toxic loads or even where you have stretched yourself past limit at one point, forcing your body to be conditioned to staying up late with the help of caffeine. This could be the last straw that would break the camel’s back.

2. Inability to Concentrate

Flowing from the above, extreme exhaustion would ordinarily take a toll on your mental alertness. You soon find out that you are unable to follow a thought pattern through, or even make a decision over simple matters. Your body is screaming for a detox. How do I know this? Toxins have a subtle means of snuffing out the oxygen in the brain. Without proper oxidation, cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone, is produced and brain cells may be killed. Trying out an ayurvedic detox simply works wonders. It could last for weeks and you become renewed.

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3. Incessant headaches

When you experience headaches that wouldn’t just leave, it could mean something. With headaches comes an inability to sleep soundly. This may eventually make you get unusually cranky simply because your hormones are playing tricks on you. Toxins ordinarily cause an imbalance in your entire system. It’s either you are overworked or your system paces down to extreme sluggishness. This may be a convenient time to get yourself checked out.

4. Bodily Reactions

Do you notice your skin suddenly comes up with rashes, acne, boils and the likes? Oops, toxins are at work. Have you lately had a lifestyle change? It could be that the pollution, body cosmetics, facials and foods are at it again. It also tells you that your liver which is mostly working hard at flushing out the wastes have been saddled beyond its capacity. Your skin simply bears the result like a badge. Ayurvedic benefits you because it cleanses your lymph nodes and blood capillaries, thereby rejuvenating your skin.

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5. Uncontrolled Weight Gain

Looking at yourself in the mirror one morning, you suddenly find out that you have added some pounds here and there. But how did this come to be? The simple answer to that could be a lack of detoxification, and you know, it’s quite harder to lose weight than you think.

6. Rumblings in Intestinal Tract

Of course, the toxins leave nothing untouched; they have affected your digestive system too! Now that this is the case, you store up more gas, constipation, stooling and embarrassing tummy rumblings. Have no doubts about it, your entire body screams a detox.

Are you in search of a quick fix? I recommend that you know your ayurvedic body type- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is because they help you to practice good health practices and know the proper lifestyle and diets that best suits you.


In addition to this, you could try ayurvedic detox. This facilitates your body’s natural process of detoxification. Indeed, you stand to enjoy ayurvedic cleanse benefits such as:

  • Renewal of your mind and body
  • Re-awakening your body into its natural state of self-renewal.
  • Eliminating all forms of emotional and physical toxins
  • It reduces diseases, inflammation and balances your hormones
  • It acts as your natural anti-aging pathway.

If you haven’t tried this out, learn more about how to effectively cleanse your system through the ayurvedic detox.

Finally, it is quite essential for you to detox from time to time. In this particular season, there are lots of environmental toxins flying around, ranging from exhaust fumes to airborne viruses, emotional stress, work-induced stress and a lot more. When you are stressed out, there is a production of what is known as cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone. In cases such as this, your body naturally screams for detoxification.


Eating lots of fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water also helps in revitalizing the immune system. Hence, your body becomes resistant to toxins while you can infuse this energy into your family, career and all, not forgetting to create time for yourself. It is extremely important to remember your health in this maze called life.

Never leave it to your organs to do the natural cleansing. Besides, retaining toxins in your system might make you vulnerable to viruses and other illnesses that you never bargained for. You’d be glad you heeded the call of your body to cleanse.


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