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Looking for natural remedies for eczema? Let me tell you about vitamin B12 and Vitamin C benefits for skin so you can start healing eczema.

Remedies for Eczema

*You should consult with a qualified medical professional before taking any vitamins especially if you are pregnant or taking any medications. *Read my full disclaimer.

Today I’m going to tell you about the most important vitamins you should be taking for eczema. I’m also going to tell you what food sources you can get these vitamins from and 3 benefits of these vitamins.

Vitamin B12 and vitamin C Benefits for Skin

The benefits of vitamin B12 and vitamin C are that:

1. They are anti-inflammatory

They help to reduce inflammation in your body. This is obviously really important with eczema. Vitamin B12 also lowers your homocysteine levels – homocysteine is an amino acid and a building block of protein. High levels can damage your arteries and lead to heart disease (source). This is the reason vitamin B12 helps to reduce inflammation.

2. They boost your immune system

Vitamin B12 and vitamin C help to boost your immune system because they increase the production of your white blood cells which helps to fight against illness and disease.

3. They are essential for your liver

Your liver can’t perform as it should without vitamin B12 and vitamin C. These two vitamins are essential to the over 2000 jobs that your liver does. Vitamin C helps to cleanse the liver and vitamin B12 is necessary for the distribution of other vitamins and minerals throughout your body.

Bonus Benefits of Vitamin C

A couple of bonus benefits of Vitamin C are:

1. Vitamin C is an antioxidant

Vitamin C helps to kill free radicals. Free radicals damage the healthy cells in your body. This is the reason vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation.

2. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen

Collagen is essential for healthy skin and collagen helps to heal wounds which is also really important if you have eczema.

Vitamin c is an essential vitamin which means your body can’t produce it.

So you need to get it from food (or a supplement). There are many foods that contain Vitamin C. In fact, all vegetables and fruit contain Vitamin C, some more than others.

The best sources of vitamin C

Foods with the most vitamin C are:

  1. Kiwis
  2. Oranges
  3. Tangerines
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Rosehips

Rosehips are the “part of the fruit that grows on the blossom of a wild rose” (source). Rosehips have a very high concentration of vitamin C. You can get rosehips as a tea on Amazon.

The Best Source of Vitamin B12

Your body does produce vitamin B12, but if you have a lot of bad bacteria and not as much good bacteria, your body won’t produce as much because it’s good bacteria that produces vitamin B12.

Probiotics are a good source of good bacteria. The best source of probiotics is from fresh fruits and vegetables (raw, unwashed with the skin on) that come from your garden, or maybe the farmer’s market would be the next best source – definitely organic if you can get it.

The Medical Medium calls these types of probiotics elevated biotics – this is the film that is on the fruits and vegetables, on the leaves and the skin.

If you don’t have access to these healing fruits and vegetables, you can get yourself a good quality probiotic.

Make sure to get a probiotic that doesn’t have any fillers and that doesn’t have any additives – nothing added to it. This is my absolute favorite probiotic (Mary Ruth’s Organics).

I haven’t tried this product but I love Mary Ruth’s Organics and this topical skincare probiotic spray looks promising as well.

Recommended Vitamins

Here are the vitamins that I recommend and that I use personally:

1. Vitamin B12

This is the only vitamin B12 with both types of vitamin B12 – these are adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. Both of these types of vitamin B12 are necessary for different parts of your body.

Adenosylcobalamin protects your central nervous system, your spleen, your pancreas, your liver and your endocrine system. Methylcobalamin protects your eyes, heart, nervous system and adrenals.

2. Vitamin C

I don’t recommend ascorbic acid as vitamin C. The reason is because it can be very hard on your stomach. The best vitamin C is Ester-C. The best vitamin C brand that is clean and very effective is Micro-C from Vimergy (Amazon).

More help to Heal Eczema

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 Vitamin B12 and vitamin C benefits for skin




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