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Vitamin C and Zinc shock therapy are both very effective treatments for quick relief from cold and flu.

Two Shock Therapies for Cold and Flu

Are you sick with the cold or the flu and you want to give your immune system a boost? If so, today I’m gonna’ tell you about 2 shock therapies that you can implement if you are sick or if you feel you are getting sick. But you can implement these as well if you have other ailments to help you to heal.

I recommend implementing one of these shock therapies if you have a cold or the flu, UTI, stye, cold sore (which is actually herpes), shingles, a rash, cough, sore throat, canker sore, mono (which is actually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus that in turn can cause other more serious conditions further on down the road) or if you have a sinus infection or a lung infection.

These 2 shock therapies that I’m talking about are Zinc shock therapy and Vitamin C shock therapy.

Why Are These Shock Therapies Effective for Fighting Cold and Flu?

The reason these shock therapies are so helpful is because viruses and bad bacteria are allergic to Zinc and Vitamin C. You want to make sure you have enough of this vitamin and this mineral in your body;  most people are deficient these days, especially in Zinc.

These 2 shock therapies can rebuild your immune system quickly and give you the boost that you need to recover from cold and flu quickly.

What is Zinc shock therapy? What is Vitamin C shock therapy? How do you use Zinc or Vitamin C as shock therapy? Well talk about Zinc first, then I’ll explain how to use Vitamin C to fight cold and flu.

Zinc Shock Therapy

It’s really important that you have a liquid zinc sulfate that’s effective, that doesn’t have any fillers and that doesn’t have any alcohol (because alcohol cancels out the benefits of the supplement).

These are the 2 liquid zinc sulfates I recommend:

  1. Vimergy
  2. Mary Ruth’s Organics

These liquid zinc sulfates have a very mild taste. I even give these to my 3 year old. I put it in a little bit of juice and he drinks it no problem.

Directions for Zinc Shock Therapy

For adults you would take 2 dropper fulls of liquid zinc sulfate every 3 hours. You can do this 5-6 times a day for up to 2 days.

When you put it in in your mouth you let it sit around your throat for about a minute before you swallow.

If you are sensitive to Zinc, you can take 1 dropper full every 3 hours up to 5 times a day or 2 dropper fulls 3 times per day.

Once you have finished (after the 2 days), you can just continue with your normal supplement routine. You would just continue with the dosage that’s recommended on the bottle.

Vitamin C Shock Therapy

Next is Vitamin C shock therapy.

It’s important that you have the right kind of Vitamin C as well. The Vitamin C that’s best is Ester C (or Micro C by Vimergy). This type of Vitamin C is easier on your stomach and it’s more easily absorbed than regular (ascorbic) Vitamin C.

You would add raw honey or maple syrup and fresh orange juice or lemon juice to this drink because the glucose in the raw honey, maple syrup and orange juice binds onto the Vitamin C for very powerful healing.


You take 2 (500 mg) capsules, you open the capsules and dump them into 1 cup of warm water and you stir it until it’s dissolved. Then you add 2 teaspoons of raw honey or maple syrup and the freshly squeezed juice of 1 orange or 1 lemon.

You drink this every 2 hours for up to 2 days then you continue to take this supplement as you would regularly after the 2 days are up.

More Information

The information for these 2 shock therapies is taken from the Medical Medium’s book ‘Cleanse to Heal’. This is an amazing book. I highly recommend this book for healing what ails you.

This book includes these 2 shock therapies. It also includes 7 different cleanses that you can do to cleanse your body and cleanse your liver. Cleansing your liver is what really allows you to heal.

You’ll learn how to do these cleanses. You’ll find guidelines and safe practices around these cleanses. There’s a lot of cleanses out there that aren’t effective and aren’t safe.

You’ll learn guidelines for these cleanses if you’re pregnant, if you’re breastfeeding and even
guidelines for children.

There are also guidelines for children around these Vitamin C and Zinc shock
therapies. You’ll learn the dosages that you can give your children at every different age.

You’ll also learn what supplements you can take to heal various conditions. This book explains how to heal over 100 different conditions.

More Benefits of Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc and Vitamin C are essential for good health, especially during this pandemic. Most people are deficient in Zinc and, believe it or not, viruses are actually allergic to Zinc and Vitamin C.

There are numerous benefits of Zinc and Vitamin C. I highly recommend you consider taking Zinc and Vitamin C on a regular basis (always check with your Doctor first though).

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Vitamin C and Zinc shock therapy

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