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There is one supplement, in particular, that is really important for healthy skin and skin conditions such as eczema.

The best supplement for skin

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Today I want to tell you about the most important supplement you should be taking if you have eczema (see below to learn how I can help you heal eczema for good). I’m going to tell you seven reasons why this supplement is so important.

So what is the number one supplement that you should be taking for eczema? It’s zinc. Zinc is really important for healing.

You can find zinc in certain foods (I’ll tell you the best food sources of zinc below) but there’s a particular supplement that I highly recommend if you have eczema.

Why take zinc for eczema?

There are many reasons why zinc is really important for your skin, especially if you have eczema but even just for good health in general. Here are seven reasons why you should consider taking a zinc supplement:

1. Liver function

Without zinc, the liver can’t perform its many functions. The liver actually performs over 2,000  functions but it just can’t do that properly without zinc.

2. It removes toxic copper

This is really important if you have eczema – zinc helps to eliminate toxic forms of copper. When I teach my clients how to heal eczema, one of the things that I explain to them is that there are certain things that cause eczema and an overload of heavy metals in your body – particularly copper with eczema, and with other skin conditions it’s other heavy metals – an overload of copper is one of the things that leads to eczema. So it’s really important that you have enough zinc to combat that toxic copper.

3. Zinc kills pathogens

This is really important as well for eczema – zinc helps to kill off pathogens. When I talk about pathogens, I’m talking about viruses and bacteria (this is another thing that I teach my clients). Another thing that causes eczema, which is what starts it off actually, is a virus. You need to kill off that virus in order to heal eczema.

Zinc suppresses viral growth and it slows it down – it slows down that virus and other pathogens. Pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, are allergic to zinc. So you need to make sure you are not zinc deficient and that you have enough zinc in your system (the Medical Medium says everyone is zinc deficient).

4. Zinc boosts immunity

Zinc is critical for optimal immune system functioning. Zinc is the immune system’s number one defense.

5. Zinc reduces inflammation

Zinc helps to reduce inflammation. This is really important with eczema as well. Your skin becomes very inflamed. Not only that, but you also have inflammation in your body when you have eczema.

6. Zinc builds collagen

Zinc helps to build collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps to strengthen your skin. People recommend that you take collagen supplements but I recommend that you take zinc instead. Zinc will help to build that collagen.

7. Zinc heals wounds

Zinc promotes wound healing. This is really important with eczema. If you have eczema, unless you have a very mild case of it, you have wounds on your skin. You have sores and cuts on your skin. I know, I’ve been there. Zinc helps with that – it helps to heal those wounds.

I hope you understand now why zinc is so important for healthy skin – it’s so important for healing eczema.

Foods with zinc

There are foods that contain zinc. Here are some foods with zinc:

  • berries
  • cherries
  • asparagus
  • collard greens
  • onions
  • sprouts
  • microgreens
  • artichokes
  • raw honey
  • parsley
  • radishes

The problem with getting your daily dosage of zinc with foods that contains zinc is that food no longer contains as much zinc as it used to. Foods have a tiny amount of zinc. That has to do with the soil in which the food is grown these days. So, it’s recommended that you take a zinc supplement.

Best zinc supplement

You want to buy a pure zinc supplement. You want to make sure you buy a zinc supplement that doesn’t have any fillers – it doesn’t have any additives, preservatives, alcohol or anything added to it that shouldn’t be there. You want it to be organic and non-gmo as well if possible. Liquid zinc is best.

Here is the (liquid) zinc supplement that I recommend – this one is organic, alcohol-free, vegan, has no additive or fillers. There are other good ones as well, I highly recommend you buy a zinc supplement that has these characteristics.

More help for eczema

I talked a bit about how I’m helping my clients heal eczema and the things that I’m teaching them. Here’s how you can learn more:

If you would like some help to heal eczema, make sure you 1) sign up for my FREE eczema masterclass: ➡️ 5 Steps to Heal Eczema in 90 days or less OR 2) book a FREE 30-min eczema one-on-one coaching session with me so you can get eczema under control and begin feeling better.

Looking for an effective, natural eczema cream with zinc? Make your own eczema cream (one of my clients calls this a ‘miracle cream’).

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Best supplement for skin

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