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Learn about candida and whether candida overgrowth is an issue you should be concerned with.

What is candida?

What is candida? Candida is yeast and it’s naturally found in our bodies. It’s normal and helpful. It’s a
beneficial fungus that aids in digestion. Candida breaks down nutrients for proper absorption.
Candida is basically the garbage disposal – it cleans out the trash from unwanted pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that cause illness and disease.

Is yeast overgrowth a problem?

What is yeast overgrowth? Candida/yeast overgrowth is what happens when your body produces too much yeast, more than necessary. This happens when the yeast is trying to fight off pathogens such as viruses and/or (bad) bacteria that don’t belong in your body, and it becomes overgrown.

But yeast overgrowth is not a problem on its own. Yeast overgrowth actually signifies a bigger, underlying issue and that’s what you need to focus on. Once you fix that underlying issue, that will help with the yeast overgrowth.

Now, if you don’t have an underlying issue, so if you don’t have an autoimmune condition or chronic illness,  and you don’t have any other symptoms besides just yeast overgrowth (and symptoms from yeast overgrowth) then just candida itself may be a problem for you; that may be the only issue for you. That would be in only 1% of cases.

If that is the issue, then what you need to do is you need to (1) increase your hydrochloric acid, which is your stomach acid, (2) you need to rebuild your intestinal tract and (3) you need to restore your liver.

But if you have an underlying condition that you know of, or even if you have symptoms but no diagnosis, then you’re gonna want to look at what that underlying condition may be and how you can heal.

As a Natural Health Coach and Consultant, that’s what I do. I help people heal their chronic illness and autoimmune conditions naturally.

I create what I call Natural Health packages – these are compact, but comprehensive guides for healing a particular condition.

My Natural Health packages include:

  • the exact cause of your illness
  • the exact steps that you need to take to treat it (with food, herbs and supplements)
  • the foods you should avoid
  • healing foods to add to your diet
  • healing herbs and supplements
Learn more about my Natural Health packages right here. If I don’t have a Natural Health package already created for your condition, I will build a customized package for your particular condition.

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