Review of Lemon-Aide Products

Review of Lemon-aide products

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First of all, let me tell you, these products smell amazing! Lemon-aide products smell clean and fresh, just like fresh lemons. I noticed on their website someone said these products make you want to clean. They’re right about that. I agree 100 percent. Cleaning with Lemon-aide products is a refreshing experience.

Lemon-aide dish liquid

I have bought and used this dish liquid in the past. It works well. It creates nice suds. The suds don’t last the whole time I’m cleaning the dishes but this is typical even of commercial dish detergent, especially when you add grease to the mix.

Lemon-aide kitchen hand wash

This hand soap suds well and does a great job of cleaning my hands. What is particularly nice is that, since it smells so much of fresh lemons, it does a good job of removing strong smells after cooking (such as garlic, onions, etc).

Lemon-aide all surface cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner works great as well. The great thing about the surface cleaner is that it contains something called d-limonene, which comes from lemon peels (where the essential oil is extracted). D-limonene is toxic to ants and it masks their scent trails. So, you’ve got a surface cleaner and an ant repellent in all in one here.

Lemon-aide floor cleaner

This floor cleaner works beautifully. In fact, the directions say to use 1 cup in 1 litre of water (or to squirt on the floor and wipe). I thought, “this is gonna be expensive if I use it like that”. So I decided to try a much lower dilution and work my way up. I used 1 cup in 1 gallon of water. I felt that this was plenty and did a great job cleaning my floors. The other great thing is that the smell of lemons lingered a while after cleaning my floors. Bonus! 🙂

Lemon-aide glass cleaner

I found that this glass cleaner worked better than any other glass cleaner I’ve used. Maybe it was just my imagination because I love the smell so much. 😉 Seriously though, it left no streaks; it did a fantastic job.

Lemon-aide laundry detergent

While the laundry detergent worked well and smelled great, I was really disappointed when I removed my clothes from the washer. I was expecting my clothes to smell like lemons, but they didn’t smell like lemons at all. My clothes didn’t smell that clean either. In addition, I found the laundry detergent to be quite expensive.

I prefer my homemade liquid laundry detergent. It is simple to make and my clothes come out smelling clean; there is not an overly strong smell of perfume, as in commercial laundry detergents, but they smell clean and fresh. Best of all, it is very cost effective. One thing…you do have to make it ahead of time as it takes at least 24 hours to thicken to be ready to use. Not a problem, just make it before you run out of laundry detergent. 😉

The upside (besides the smell)

Lemon-aide uses the essential oils of 7 lemons in each product and they use 100% pure essential oils. No wonder these products smell so fantastic! In addition, the bottles are BPA-free. Yay! 🙂

The downside

As wonderful as these products are, they are not completely natural or toxic-free as one might think. Most Lemon-aide products contain a substance called phenoxyethanol.

What is phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that has replaced parabens. Exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to eczema to anaphylaxis (for those allergic to it). Most important to note is that it can have acute nervous system effects in infants, causing vomiting and diahrrea and there was a recall of a certain nipple cream for this very reason (source).

What Lemon-aide had to say

I contacted Lemon-aide to request more information regarding the addition of phenoxyethanol. Here was their response:

“Only our water based products contain the smallest percentage possible of phenoxyethanol because it was the safest preservative we could use. It was a case of either letting the products mould, which is far more dangerous to your health than the small percentage of phenoxyethanol contained in them, or making them safe for our customers whom we value greatly. Feel free to purchase our oil based products which do not contain it.”

Phenoxyethanol is considered safe in low concentrations

After some research, I found that phenoxyethanol is safe in very low concentrations (source). The Honest Company uses it in their products as well (source). Now, none of this means it really is safe or that we should use it. As I always say, you need to decide for yourself. Abstinence is best, but I think Lemon-aide really is doing their best to keep their customers as safe as possible while offering (otherwise) fabulous products.

The price

Lemon-aide products are a bit pricey. However, natural products are more expensive. Like organic foods, safer products are more expensive, but well worth the cost.

I bought my Lemon-aide products from They have sales all the time. They have weekly sales and honestly, it is typical when I go searching for a product to buy at, it is on sale, more often than not. Furthermore, has free shipping if your order comes to at least $35 (Cdn). It is easy to spend this amount as they have thousands of products, including a huge selection of natural products.


*I did not review the Lemon-aide toilet bowl cleaner as I haven’t tried it.

*I really love the Honest Company’s lotion. I used to be able to get two bottles at Costco for only $7. I haven’t seen it in a while (although this might be because I haven’t been looking for it. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s a great deal!

*The Lemon-Aide floor cleaner is not available for purchase at

* also has lemon lavender Lemon-Aide products for sale.


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