natural personal care and cleaning products
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Natural personal care and cleaning recipes are often much easier to make than you would expect. I love simple, quick DIY non-toxic recipes. Those are the kinds of recipes that I will share with you.

To help with those recipes, I have compiled a list of natural personal care and cleaning products and ingredients that I use in my personal cleaning recipes.

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You can find some of these natural personal care and cleaning products at your local grocery store and you can find most of them at your local health food store. Although it is great to support your local health food store, I find that many of the products are more expensive. I usually stick to my local grocery stores, or I buy online from

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Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has many health benefits, and many uses. It is a better alternative for baking and cooking (as it has a high smoke point) and it can be used as a base in beauty and cleaning products.

Cocoa Butter – This is a must-have for making your own luxurious lotion. I haven’t used this kind in particular as I usually get mine from my local health food store, but this kind has great reviews.

Dish/Hand Soap – I finally found a dish soap that really is non-toxic. Many products are advertised as being non-toxic but they still contain ingredients that are questionable…but not this one! This one is inexpensive, it works very well (although the suds do dissipate after some time as to be expected) and it smells wonderful!

Magnesium Flakes – Magnesium is a mineral in which many people are deficient. It has many health benefits. It is best absorbed through the skin. You can use magnesium flakes as an epsom salt in your bath or you can use it to make magnesium oil as a base for natural pain relief

Perfume – I adore this perfume. It is made without phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, GMO, propylene glycol, and artificial color. No animal testing. I have tried the Indian Coconut Nectar, the Island Vanilla and the French Lilac. They smell amazing!

Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E oil is great for healthy skin. Thus, it is used in many beauty recipes and it also acts as a preservative.