natural health packages
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Hire me to put together a natural healthcare package for you.

What is a natural healthcare package? It is an ultimate guide that you can use to heal yourself naturally.

What does each package include?

Each package includes:

  1. A list of foods to avoid to prevent symptoms.
  2. A list of foods to include in to encourage healing.
  3. A list of natural remedies to help manage symptoms.
  4. Details about the foods and natural remedies recommended such as why and how they work and a multitude of resources.

Where do I get the information for these packages?

I retrieve most of the information from medicinal websites that employ Medical Doctors (WebMD, Dr. Mercola), Naturopaths (Dr. Axe), etc or from other reputable sites such as people who have been dealing with the same issue, as you, for years. I also gather information from natural healing websites/blogs that have done extensive research and have been in the natural healing field for a number of years. I always include references so you can check out the information yourself.

How does it work?

When you order a package, you’ll need to add a note to your order under ‘order notes’ to let me know what ailment/illness you would like included in the package.

Once the package is ready (which takes approx one week to put together), I will send you a link so you can download your package.

How much does it cost and what is your return policy?

You pay for the package, not by the hour (that would cost much more 😉 ). Packages cost $47 (Cdn). Due to the nature of the product, packages are non-refundable.


It’s important to note that I am certainly not offering a diagnosis and I cannot guarantee your symptoms will completely disappear. There may be other factors that are involved such as genetics and environmental factors that may prevent healing naturally. Read my .

So, are you ready to heal yourself naturally?

Let me do the work for you. I will find everything you need to start feeling better.

Important update: I now offer only mini Natural Health packages. You can learn more about mini Natural Health packages below. Browse ready-made Natural Health packages.

Looking for a smaller package?

No problem, grab a mini Natural Health Package instead. Mini Natural Health Packages include the same information as the larger packages but on a smaller scale. You will get a list of foods to avoid, a list of foods to add to your diet and a list of natural remedies and resources for your particular ailment/illness. I also include additional information such as resources and references.

I am completing the work for you (doing the research and gathering all the necessary information) which will save you a ton of time for a small fee – mini Natural Health packages are only $9 (Cdn).