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Natural Health packages are comprehensive guides for managing particular health issues. These comprehensive guides include foods to avoid to prevent symptoms, foods to include in your diet to encourage healing as well as a multitude of natural remedies and resources to help manage your symptoms.

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Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Discover 40+ pages of information and resources with over 30 methods for relieving anxiety so you can begin feeling better naturally – including foods to avoid, foods to include in your diet, natural remedies and a ton of additional resources.



Such a useful tool

“This is excellent! I love it and it is such a useful tool. I am privileged to have been able to read it and I would buy this again in a heartbeat.”

Kim Farfanick

Great tips for everyone

“I just completed reading the Anxiety Natural Health package by Kenda Mogford. Kenda suggests a lot of helpful tips like foods to avoid, natural remedies and plenty of insightful resources. There are great tips for everyone and you will certainly find some beneficial techniques that work for you.”

Kaitlyn Layden
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