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Try this natural cure for yeast infection that contains only two natural ingredients and feel better within a couple of days.

natural cure for yeast infection
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Natural cure for yeast infection

If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Well, that’s putting it mildly; it is a vaginal infection (although men can get it too) that is very uncomfortable and it causes soreness and itchiness.

You may even crave sweets because yeast feeds on sugar. I crave sweets like crazy, and I am intolerant to sugar…insert eye roll. When I ate a lot of sugar and yeast, I used to get yeast infections often, so I needed a natural cure for yeast infection.

The problem with antibiotics

Recently, I developed an ear infection. I was in tremendous pain so I didn’t hesitate to take the antibiotics that were prescribed to me, even though I never take antibiotics anymore. I didn’t want to take them but I felt like I didn’t have a choice. So I began taking them, but after taking just 1 pill, I developed a yeast infection…ridiculous!

The Doctor also prescribed me ear drops, so I discontinued the antibiotics and continued using the ear drops until the infection was cured.

Update: Next time I’ll use a natural remedy to cure an ear infection that I recently discovered – olive oil and garlic. This is an idea for a future post but, until then…basically, you just heat some fresh garlic in olive oil. After it has heated through, let it cool and put a couple of drops in the infected ear. Continue to do this daily until the infection is gone. The reason this works is that garlic has anti-fungal properties. Plus, olive oil is recommended regardless of an ear infection as it helps to draw out ear wax.

Antibiotics are not your friend

Taking too many antibiotics throughout my life caused me to have recurring yeast infections. The reason for this is because antibiotics kill all bacteria, even good bacteria. Good bacteria is what keeps yeast (that is found naturally in the body) and other bacteria under control. In addition, an overload of antibiotics can cause bacteria to become resistant, at which point antibiotics will no longer work.

Home remedies

I have tried a few potential home remedies. I tried baking soda and water. Baking soda is great for relieving the itch of a yeast infection. However, it stung, relief only lasted a few hours and it didn’t cure the infection.

I used ¼ c of baking soda in 1 c of water. I may have used too much baking soda, which is perhaps what caused it to sting. I rinsed with water after and it ceased stinging. If you want to try this, I would suggest mixing only 1 or 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 cup of water.

I also tried apple cider vinegar. Some have had success with this treatment. The reason it is should work is because it is an antifungal (it kills fungus) and it is acidic. Yeast cannot survive in an acidic environment.

I used the same measurements – ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Again, this mixture stung. So I rinsed with water. It got worse before it got better, but it did feel better for a few hours after. I didn’t attempt this again because of the stinging (it was quite severe). Again, if you decide to try this, try just 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water.

Grapefruit seed extract

So how do I cure yeast infections? I use grapefruit seed extract (GSE). I have always used the kind from Innovite Health (you should be able to find this in your local health food store). However, this kind is a popular kind as well and I’m sure it would do the trick.

I have been using this to cure yeast infections for some time now, very successfully. It doesn’t sting (yay!) and it always works!

Please note:

There is some controversy around the safety of GSE. Some GSE is processed with chemicals. So be careful what kind you buy, and keep these points in mind:

  1. You would only use a very minuscule amount at one time.
  2. I don’t recommend using it often. If you have to use it often for a yeast infection, there is a greater issue and you may want to consider cutting out yeast and sugar from your diet.
  3. Finally, it was recommended by my Naturopath (whom I completely trust).

My opinion is that it is better than using synthetic medication and definitely better than using that messy cream. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for yeast infection, grab yourself a bowl and a facecloth and try this:

Natural Cure for Yeast Infection
  • 2 c distilled or filtered water (cold water is best as it is very soothing)
  • 16 drops of GSE
  1. Douche with this recipe once a day for 3 days and your infection should disappear.
  2. You can use this up to 1 week if necessary.
Recipe Notes

*A couple of times, I have found that on the 2nd day, it will seem that this treatment is not working, but I continue to use it, and by the 3rd day the infection is gone. So don’t give up!

*Alternatively, you could combine 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 3 drops of GSE or tea tree oil. Coconut oil is anti-fungal as well (you could even try it by itself). As above, do not apply this mixture internally.

Please share if you know someone who might find this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

Have you tried a natural cure for yeast infection? Have you tried GSE? Share your comments below.

I wish you health and happiness! 🙂


natural remedy for yeast infection

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  1. Author

    Thanks for the comment Karen. Great to hear about other natural remedies that work.

  2. Hi Kenda, Karen here. Great to read about alternative suggestions for getting rid of yeast. I used to have problems with that too. Now I take acidophilus (with bifidus) capsules. I buy Superstore’s Exact brand, it has 6 billion active cells per cap. The bottle says to take 3 caps daily with meals. I usually just take one cap in the morning and one at night. Also, these caps are very handy if you do get a yeast infection. Just take one and put it up inside, once or twice a day. Wear a pad for when it starts to melt. Probably easiest to do it overnight, but in the past there were times I used it during the day as well.

    Since I started taking the caps daily, I hardly ever get yeast infections anymore. You can also get rid of a yeast infection in an even more natural way. Use a clean applicator for vaginal cream, and use it to put some plain yogurt up inside. Make sure that the yogurt doesn’t contain any sugar, corn starch, or artificial thickeners. Just natural yogurt. You could do this right before bed and wear a pad. I’ve done it, and it does work if you stick with it for at least a couple days. Also, cold yogurt does provide some relief from the irritation.

    I’ve heard of this remedy: take a tampon and dip it into yogurt. Freeze, then put up inside, and wear a pad. It should work, I’ve heard it has great results. I’ve never done it because I use a Diva cup now, and I haven’t used tampons for many years. Most tampons are really not good for you. Bleached cotton up against my cervix? No thanks.

    Sorry for rambling, I had no idea I had so much to say on the subject. Haha! Take care.

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