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Discover 5 natural antibiotics for infection so you can avoid antibiotics and fight infection naturally.

Fight infection naturally

If you can avoid taking antibiotics, I highly recommend it. Antibiotics cause more problems than they solve. By all means, if you need them, take them. But if you can find an alternative, I recommend you do that instead.

There are a couple of problems with antibiotics: 1) antibiotics kill all bacteria, even good bacteria and that is not healthy or helpful and 2) antibiotics can become resistant to bacteria so eventually they won’t work, or at least they won’t work as well as they used to (or should).

Five natural antibiotics for infection

Here are five natural antibiotics that you can use at home. A couple of these you may not actually have at home because some of them are better used as an oil or a capsule, for example, but use what you have at home and if you can get these in a different form then that’s great.

The reason these natural antibiotics work is because they are antibacterial and antifungal – which means they kill bacteria and they kill fungus.

1. Garlic

The first one is garlic. It’s recommended that you use raw garlic. You would consume one to two cloves of garlic per day to kill off an infection or to kill off bacteria. Now, you may not want to  consume raw garlic – you know, it really makes your breath smell – but you can get them in capsule form as well. In fact, my mom used to take these a long time ago. One thing about them though is, even if you do take it in capsule form, it still will be excreted through your skin and you’ll be able to smell garlic on your skin. Either way, it’s a smelly way to get better but it works.

2. Oil of oregano

The next natural antibiotic is oil of oregano. This is not to be confused with oregano essential oil – these are different. I’m talking about oregano oil as an herbal extract. This is really very potent. This can be used to kill off all kinds of infections and bacteria.

*Little side note: my husband and I both used this recently because I believe we had yeast overgrowth, so I needed to kill off that yeast (at least that’s what I thought at the time). I used to have a smallwart on my finger. I’d had it for a year or two. We took oil of oregano (for a couple of weeks) and I noticed, all of a sudden, my wart was gone. I didn’t even notice it disappear. After using oil of oregano for a time, one day I just noticed the wart was gone and I thought, “Oh yeah, I used to have a wart there for a really long time and now it’s gone”. So I asked my husband if he still had the wart on his knee (cause he had a wart for a very long time as well). He showed me his knee and his wart was gone as well.

So this is fantastic, you can use oil of oregano for so many things. It’s very potent. Now, I want to say, we used it as an oil. So if you have it as an oil, the directions say to use four drops in a cup of water, or I would say unsweetened juice. But it’s very strong, so we only used two drops a day.

I find, the best way to consume it is just in a tiny little glass, like a little shot glass with a little bit of unsweetened juice. I like to use grapefruit juice. Then you just chug it back as quickly as possible and don’t even let it touch your lips because it burns your lips. But you can also get this in a capsule form. So you might want to consider taking it that way instead.

3. Raw honey

The next one is honey. Honey is fantastic! Experts recommend manuka honey because it offers so many more health benefits. But honey in general is just great. I would recommend raw honey as regular, processed honey doesn’t offer the same health benefits as raw honey.

To reap the benefits of honey, you would consume about one tablespoon of raw honey per day. I always put it in my morning coffee. The other thing you can use honey for is to heal cuts, wounds and burns. In fact, a while back, I had I gotten quite a bad burn on my foot – boiling water jumped out of the pot onto my foot and I had a welt about the size of a quarter on my foot. I put cold water on it right away, because unless it’s a second degree or third degree burn, that’s what you should do.

My foot was stinging really badly so I put some honey on it. As soon as I applied the honey to my burn, the stinging completely disappeared.

I put it on cuts all the time. I use it on my kids. My kids have had toe infections and I put honey on directly on the infection and it’s gone in in a day or two.

4. Thyme (oil)

Another great way to fight infection naturally is to use thyme oil. Again, this is an herbal extract. I’m not as familiar with thyme. I know it’s very powerful as well. In fact, it’s used in many natural disinfectants because it’s so powerful.

5. Tea tree oil

Last, but not least, is tea tree essential oil. The others you can consume or you can use them topically, which means on your skin. However, do not ingest tea tree essential oil; this is just for topical application. Also, if you use tea tree oil, you want to dilute it in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or whatever kind of oil you have at home is fine. You would use (for an adult) about one tablespoon of the carrier oil and about six drops of tea tree oil.

You can use it on infections – fungal infections, bacterial infections. Tea tree oil is very powerful as well. You can diffuse tea tree oil to kill bacteria. I use it as a natural disinfectant for my home. I can’t say enough about tea tree oil. It’s amazing! it’s very powerful. You can use it in a homemade disinfectant, in homemade hand sanitizer, in an antibacterial soap, in homemade vapor rub. You can use it for all kinds of infections.

There are other natural antibiotics but these are the ones that are most powerful and these are ones that you might have at home. If not, they should be easy for you to get.

Here’s the tea tree essential oil that I recommend – I love this brand. This is 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Plant Therapy uses organic ingredients whenever possible but you can buy certified organic essential oils from them as well.

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Fight infection naturally


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