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Discover 5 natural antibiotics for infection so you can avoid antibiotics and fight infection naturally.

Natural antibiotics for infection

If you can avoid taking antibiotics, I highly recommend it. Antibiotics cause more problems than they solve. By all means, if you need them, take them. But if you can find an alternative, I recommend you do that instead.

There are a couple of problems with antibiotics: 1) antibiotics kill all bacteria, even good bacteria and that is not healthy or helpful and 2) antibiotics can become resistant to bacteria so eventually they won’t work, or at least they won’t work as well as they used to (or should).

Fight infection naturally

There are many ways you can fight infection naturally. One natural antibiotic you can try is tea tree oil. Tea tree essential oil has very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. One caution here is to make sure you dilute it in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or any oil that you have on hand will do.

Here is the tea tree essential oil that I recommend – I love this brand. This is 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Plant Therapy uses organic ingredients whenever possible but you can buy certified organic essential oils from them as well.

▶️ In the video, I’ll tell you about 4 more powerful natural antibiotics for infection and why they work.


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Fight infection naturally


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