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natural ant repellent

Natural ant repellent (that works)

I hesitated posting this recipe for natural ant repellent for some time because I got to thinking…why in the heck do I need an ant repellent that is natural? Why does anyone need a natural ant repellent? We’re trying to kill the ants, ha! There is no need to be gentle. Poison is good.

So, I bought some ant traps and placed them on the counter. But, to my surprise, they didn’t work. We still had ants. 

Borax and sugar

I heard that combining borax and sugar would attract the ants and then they’ll carry the borax to the queen. Borax is poisonous to ants. So, as a result, it kills the queen.

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I tried combining borax and (white, refined) sugar to kill the ants, but the ants didn’t even go near it. I was shocked. Even more reason not to eat it, if the ants won’t even eat it.

A slight tweak

I decided to try maple syrup and borax. This combination worked very well. It took a while, but the ants eventually gathered around the poisonous combination.


What to expect

The ants will begin to appear around the syrup within a few hours. However, it will take about 24-48 hours for the ants to gather and then begin to disappear. Some of them will get stuck in the syrup…for all eternity! Muah ha ha! Sorry, a wicked laugh seemed appropriate there. 🙂

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Ants be gone!

You may see an occasional straggler but, for the most part, the ants will be gone. Now, the ants probably won’t be gone for the summer. You will likely have to do it again sometime (maybe even a few times). Nonetheless, the ants will disappear for about two weeks. However, this recipe for natural ant repellent is so simple, it’s not really a big deal if you have to do it more than once over the summer. It’s worth it!

What I used

I didn’t want to put borax in a dish and I wanted to make it very easy for the ants to crawl into the mixture, although they don’t seem to have any trouble getting around! In any case, I used a small, brown paper bag.

That’s it. Now all you have to do is wait for the action to happen, and put up with the ant gathering for a day or two. 😉

Please share if you know someone who would find this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

Do you have a natural ant repellent that works? Have you tried killing ants with borax? Share your comments below.

Be happy, stay healthy! 🙂



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