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Learn how to treat viruses naturally with these nine supplements that kill viral infections.

How to Treat Viruses Naturally

Today I’m going to tell you how to treat viruses naturally with nine supplements that are antiviral. I’m also going to tell you about some additional benefits of these herbs and supplements and I’m going to tell you about the best supplements that you can take that offer the most health benefits.

Just a little disclaimer before we get started. I cannot say for certain that these supplements will kill the virus that’s going around right now. But I can say that I’m using some of these supplements personally to prevent my family and I from getting sick, and these supplements are antiviral, so they certainly have the potential to keep you safe. However, I’m not a doctor. So I recommend you do your own research and you use your own judgment. Read my full disclaimer here.

9 Supplements That Are Antiviral

If you’re like me, when you hear about some of these supplements, you might have no idea what some of these supplements are so you’re not willing to really consider them. So I’m going to explain what each of these supplements are so you can see that they’re not so unusual. 😉

1. Cat’s claw

What is Cat’s Claw? Cat’s claw is a woody vine, and it’s one of the most powerful antiviral supplements that there is. It’s one of the best tools against viruses as well as bacteria and infections.

2. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is a herb. Goldenseal helps to restore and energize lymphocytes (white blood cells/immune cells) are responsible for protecting critical areas of your body, especially those areas that are symptomatic when you’re sick, such as your ears, nose, throat, and lungs.

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a herb. Lemon balm is especially helpful if you contract an illness that affects your stomach because it soothes the nerves and the lining of your stomach and intestines.

Lemon balm is also helpful for supporting your adrenals and helping ease stress.

4. L-Lysine

L-Lysine is an amino acid. L-Lysine hinders and slows down viruses. It also impairs the ability of viral cells to move and reproduce.

5. Mullein leaf

The next one is mullein leaf, which is a plant. It is powerful yet gentle, and it’s really effective for preventing viral infections. It also helps to boost your immune system.

Mullein leaf also has phytochemicals that help to fight viruses and defend us against pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria.

6. Vitamin B12

Most people are deficient in vitamin B12. Even if you have a blood test that shows your vitamin B12 levels are normal, it doesn’t mean that it’s usable vitamin B12 that your body is able to absorb.

Your body uses vitamin B12 for 10s of 1000s of daily functions and it is necessary for all the functions of your liver.

There’s a specific type of vitamin B 12 that is essential and the reason is because it has both types of vitamin B 12 that are essential for different parts of your body. They work together as a team.

As far as I know, there is only one type of vitamin B 12 that includes these two different types of vitamin B12 – this is the vitamin B12 that I’m talking about.

But vitamin B12 helps to protect your body from neurotoxin damage from viruses. It also repairs and strengthens the nervous system and other parts of your body that are damaged by viruses.

This specific type of B12 that I mentioned also strengthens neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain to help protect you against viruses. It protects and restores brain tissue and it counteracts stress.

This specific B12 will give you a boost mentally and emotionally. It’s very important for good mental health. B12 is critical to help you recover faster.

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that really boosts your immune system. Viruses are highly allergic and sensitive to vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory and it helps to increase your white blood cell count. Ester-C is the kind of vitamin C that is most recommended.

8. Spirulina

Spirulina is an algae. It strengthens the immune system and helps to stop viral growth.

The natural iodine in spirulina acts as anti-septic against viral cells.

Spirulina is also very helpful for detoxing heavy metals from your body. It holds on to those heavy metals and carries them out of your body.

9. Liquid zinc sulfate

Most everyone is deficient in zinc. Zinc is essential ofr all of the functions of your liver. It is your immune system’s #1 defense.

If you don’t have enough zinc in your body, your immune system can either overreact or underreact to a pathogen, such as a virus. Zinc slows down viruses.

Just like vitamin C, viruses are allergi to zinc. Zinc repels and weakens viruses. This allows the immune system to kill off  and eliminate the pathogens more easily and more quickly.

Liquid zinc sulfate is the one recommended by the Medical Medium because it’s a special kind of zinc in they way it supports our health.

The Supplements (and Brands) I Recommend

If you are going to buy supplements other than the ones that I’ve recommended (see links above), just make sure you buy supplements without any fillers, without any additives. Try to buy organic if you can, and definitely buy supplements without alcohol because alcohol counteracts the effects of the supplement.

More Help to Treat Viruses Naturally

I have an antibacterial and antiviral food, herbs and supplement chart that you can download for free.

This chart includes food, herbs and supplements that are antiviral and antibacterial, so they kill viruses and they kill bacteria.

If you’re interested in learning about 15 foods (fruits and vegetables) that are antiviral and antibacterial, you can learn more about those here.

Please share if you know someone who would find this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

Have you tried any of these supplements to treat viral infections? Share your comments below.

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How to Treat Viruses Naturally

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