How to treat eczema naturally

Is it possible to heal eczema in 90 days or less?

  • You're in the right place if you have tried everything to heal eczema.
  • You're in the right place if you are feeling helpless and you don't know where to turn for help.
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Hi, I'm Kenda, a Natural Health Consultant.

provide guidance, support, education and resources to help you manage your symptoms naturally, feel better and get on with your life.

My Story

I suffered with eczema most of my life. It used to be all over my body - itchy, red patches of skin on my back, my legs, on the backs of my knees, etc. It was everywhere!

For some reason, it seems it was after my first son was born, the eczema disappeared from the rest of my body but it became localized to my right hand only. And it was bad! Worse than it had ever been.

I suffered with hand eczema for years, desperate for help. The eczema (that had been a mild inconvenience for as long as I can remember) was out of control. I needed to do something about it.

Doctors didn't know what was causing it or how to help me. Plus, I was unwilling to take conventional medicine anyway as I really dislike putting bandages on problems. I was unwilling to live with the pain, frustration and embarrassment as well.

My Natural Healing Journey

In 2012-13, after speaking with a colleague about my eczema, she referred me to an Acupuncturist. After having a test called a Meridian Stress Assessment, we discovered that I was intolerant to refined sugar, cow’s milk, lactose, yeast and wheat. If I was going to feel better, I was gonna' have to give up these foods, at least for a time...ugh!

She also suggested that I likely had a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome, so she referred me to a Naturopath. My Naturopath asked me to do an elimination diet (to remove problem foods from my diet to discern exactly which foods were causing symptoms). She also put me on probiotics, gave me an herbal remedy for Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth) and suggested I try the paleo diet or the GAPS diet. I opted for the paleo diet.

So, I gave up the foods that I was intolerant to (or, I should say, I found substitutions) and the results were unbelievable!

When I gave up the foods causing my symptoms and pain, my eczema disappeared!

Giving up certain foods was a great challenge for me, but after accepting this way of life, healing eczema and regaining my health, I wouldn't return to that way of life and I certainly don't regret making the change.

What can I help you with?

  • Discover problematic foods
    You will learn about the 3 foods that you must omit from your diet so you can eliminate/replace those foods and begin feeling better and we'll discuss a plan for you to remove those foods in a way that suits your needs.
  • Discover healing foods
    You will learn about foods that help to cleanse your body of viruses, bacteria and toxins as well as how to detox heavy metals from your body (2 critical steps for healing eczema).
  • Discover healthy/healthier foods substitutions
    I will help you find food substitutions to replace the problematic foods that are removed from your diet.
  • Restore critical processes
    You will learn how to restore hydrochloric acid (stomach acid), good bacteria, Vitamin B12 and, in the process, you'll restore your liver which is at the heart of healing eczema.
  • Education and resources
    You will learn about other triggers and additional problem areas you need to be aware of when healing eczema. In addition, I will give you access to additional resources to help you through the healing process.
  • Accountability partner
    I know from personal experience, making these changes is not easy. It can be very challenging. I will be here to offer you support and guidance through the entire journey.

Here's what happens after our sessions

Imagine a time...

When you're no longer embarrassed by the state of your skin when you go out - they'll be no need to hide.

When you feel well rested because you won't wake up in the middle of the night scratching relentlessly.

When you can prevent future outbreaks because you understand what triggers your eczema.

I'll help you go from...

heal eczema

Severe eczema on my hand


To this

My hand three months later

Get Started Healing Eczema

How can I help you on your Healing Journey?

  1. You click on the apply button and complete an application. I will review your answers and decide if I can help. If so, I will send you an invoice and a link for you to purchase 3-month package.
  2. During our sessions, we will talk about eczema and the steps you need to take to heal eczema. We will discuss your preferences (how you would like to move through the steps), where you're at in the process, if you need any extra help, if we need to tweak your plan and I'll answer any questions you may have.
  3. In between our sessions, I will help you work through your plan, do any necessary research, gather resources and information and send you in the right direction for your next steps.
  4. We will meet online 1x week for 45-60 minutes (through Skype, FB messenger or Instagram chat) for 1 month, then we will meet 1-2 times a month for next 2 months.
  5. I will be available to you by email (if you have a burning question that cannot wait until our bi-weekly session) and I will provide any additional resources or information by email.

1:1 Coaching

 Book a package and let's get started so you can heal eczema once and for all!

3-month coaching package

Ongoing support and guidance



  • 4 sessions/week
  • Then 2-4 sessions/month
  • Available by email (for questions)
  • Includes a long-term plan, information & resources

Why do I have to apply?

I only take a handful of students at a time so it's important to know if my eczema program is a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for what I teach. I am completely committed to helping you heal eczema and it's important for you to be equally committed. Healing can't happen without it. So if you're serious and willing to do what it takes to heal eczema, let's get started.

Kenda Mogford

Natural Health Consultant


Kenda believes a balanced, real food diet is a necessary first step in regaining your health.

After making changes to her diet (and taking other necessary steps), Kenda healed severe eczema (among other health issues).

Kenda is passionate about helping women discover natural methods to heal eczema for good.

But I can't, dont want to...

  • But I don't want to/I'm not ready to give up foods
    Well, the good news is, once you heal eczema you may be able to eat all of your favorite foods again in moderation (though not packaged, processed foods or non-organic, gmo foods, you're going to want to avoid those for good).
  • I don't have time
    Your health is worth taking the time necessary to heal.
  • I can't afford a healthier lifestyle
    I'll help you make better choices that you can afford.
  • But, you're not a Doctor
    No I'm not, but I've healed my own eczema and I've done a lot of research and hard work to help you do the same.
  • I can find resources myself
    Maybe, but I can save you the time and hassle so you can start the healing process immediately and begin feeling better sooner than later.

I can help you if:

  • You are ready to make the necessary changes.
  • You are willing to make changes to your diet in order to heal.
  • You are committed to taking control and reclaiming your health.
  • You are up for some hard work if necessary.
  • You understand that healing may take some time.

I can't help you if:

  • You are not motivated to make necessary changes.
  • You are not willing to make changes to your diet.
  • You are not committed to taking control of your health.
  • You are not up for any challenges that may lie ahead.
  • You want a quick fix and immediate results.

What You'll Get:

  • Clarity and direction
  • Support and guidance
  • Education around eczema triggers
  • Help to find a solution
  • Resources and information 
  • An accountability partner 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I purchase the package and change my mind half-way through?

Do I absolutely have to give up foods?

You're not a Doctor. What makes you an expert?

But, what if my eczema comes back?

What do you think of steroid creams?

Could it really be as simple as changing my eating habits?

P.S. Don't spend another day feeling frustrated and alone. Apply now and let's get started. It's time to reclaim your health!

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