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There is a strong link between chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Learn how to reduce chronic inflammation naturally.

reduce chronic inflammation naturally
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How to reduce chronic inflammation naturally

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism; it is an immune response. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove harmful stimuli (source).

What causes inflammation?

Although there are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic, chronic inflammation is the one that you should be concerned with.

Chronic inflammation builds slowly, can last for months to years and can cause thickening, scarring or tissue death.

Chronic inflammation occurs when the body cannot break down pathogens, when foreign substances remain in the body or when a person has an overactive immune system (which is what causes a person to have allergies, for example) (source).

What does this mean?

It means your body may recognize something non-threatening (such as food) as something threatening such as a pathogen and, as a result, it reacts by signaling your immune system. Your immune system then responds by attacking your body. This is how autoimmune conditions develop.

Chronic inflammation causing autoimmune conditions

More often than not, chronic inflammation and leaky gut are the cause of many illnesses and diseases including autoimmune conditions. In fact, Dr. Axe (my favorite online Naturopath) says that “inflammation has been found to be associated with just about every health condition” (source).

Signs and symptoms of an autoimmune condition

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be on your way to developing an autoimmune condition (source):

  • brain symptoms – headache, brain fog, anxiety, attention deficit problems (ADHD)
  • skin issues – acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea
  • sinus issues – asthma, allergies
  • thyroid issues – Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease
  • joint & muscle issues – joint pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis), muscle pain (Fibromyalgia)
  • adrenal fatigue
  • digestive issues

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other signs and symptoms that can be present. These are some of the most common.

A few facts about autoimmune conditions

  1. The average number of Doctors a person visits before suspecting an autoimmune disorder is between six to ten (source). This is because many Doctors treat symptoms instead of the root cause. Thus, even when a person discovers they have an autoimmune disorder, the autoimmune disorder (often unnecessarily) persists because many Doctors do not work with you to eliminate the cause, they only treat the symptoms.
  2. Typically, it takes a person five years to be diagnosed with an autoimmune condition (source).

So, how can you heal chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions (naturally)?

Well, I’m not a Doctor and therefore I can’t proclaim (with certainty) that you can heal an autoimmune condition with this method, or any method. However, from experience and research, I can say it is very possible to heal chronic inflammation and reverse an autoimmune condition (as I have) or, at the very least, it is possible (and very likely) that you will decrease your symptoms through the method described below.

Food as pathogens

Autoimmune conditions can also develop from consuming certain foods for a prolonged period. How can this happen? As mentioned above, often times, your body recognizes certain foods as pathogens. When your body cannot break down these ‘pathogens’, they remain in the body. This causes chronic inflammation and can lead to a condition called leaky gut.

Although food is not always the culprit when it comes to chronic inflammation, it often is and it is, nonetheless, a good place to start for three reasons:

  1. You control what you put in your mouth (for the most part, although I understand that finances, etc play a role).
  2. It is helpful to begin with the simplest, least invasive method and continue on from there.
  3. It is something you can do to help yourself, that doesn’t include taking (more) prescription medications.


You can heal an autoimmune condition by first, discovering which foods may be causing your symptoms, causing chronic inflammation and causing your body to attack itself and second, to then eliminate those foods from your diet.

If you would like help with this, you can sign up for my 8-step guide and I will walk you through an elimination diet. Alternatively, you could sign up for my ultimate food-eliminating toolkit for even more help.

Please share if you know someone who would find this helpful. Thank you! 🙂

Do you think you might have chronic inflammation? Do you have an autoimmune condition? Share your comments below.

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