How to make a vision board

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how to make a vision board

What is a vision board?

Fundamentally, a vision board is a collection of things that you want in your life; it is a collage of items or events that you want to attract in your life. You might say it is a portal or a gateway into the Law of Attraction. Learn how to make a vision board and change your life for the better.

Why would you want a vision board?

I believe that detoxing your life is not just about getting rid of toxic things in your life but also about bringing in positive/good things into your life. Consequently, attracting the positive will eliminate the negative, by default.

You might want to learn how to make a vision board if you are looking for your dream job, if you are looking for your dream home or your perfect mate, if you are wishing for something, if you want to attract something (positive) into your life, etc. If you are unsatisfied with your life in some way, you could benefit from using a vision board.*

The first thing you must do is decide what you really want – I find this is the hardest part. After you’ve decided what you want, then you can make your vision board.

Imaginary vision board

There are two types of vision boards that work. The first type is actually an imaginary vision board. Some experts say all you need to do is to think about what you want, to put it “out there” (kind of like a wish) and expect to get it. It is best if you can be specific (e.g. a navy blue Porsche).

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I have had success using this method unknowingly. What I mean is, I have had a fleeting thought about something that I wanted, never thought about it again and had then been given the opportunity to get it (i.e. it was given to me or I found it by chance and was able to purchase it for next to nothing). This has happened to me many times.

My experience

For example, I wanted a certain book about tea tree oil. I saw it but thought to myself that I wouldn’t buy it now. I planned on buying it some other time (as I thought it was a little expensive). A couple of months later, I found that book for one or two dollars at a second-hand store. I wasn’t looking for it at the time (I had actually forgotten about it), and it is a small book. I just ‘happened’ to find it. J

Another instance is when I decided that I wanted a set of drums (years ago). I had that thought and I never thought about it again. A while later (it might have even been a couple of years), someone offered me a set of drums, for free. Now, like I said, this was a while later, but they were given to me, for free, and drums are expensive. Sadly, I never ended up learning to play because I didn’t have the patience for it.

Finally, my last example (which used to happen often) is when I would realize that I needed money and I would just forget about it, relax and expect to get it. Not long after, I would get a cheque in the mail (or somehow receive money) that I wasn’t expecting (sometimes for a fairly large amount).

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Physical vision board

The second method is this: you make a vision board, you ‘study’ it (preferably) once a day and you envision what it would feel like to have the thing(s) you desire (that are included on your vision board). I have heard many success stories with this method as well.

Other methods

Celebrities like Jack Canfield and Jim Carrey have had success with great (but small) ‘visions’. Jack Canfield wrote $100,000 on a bill and taped it to his ceiling where he would wake up and see it everyday. He said he was in the shower one day and out of nowhere and idea popped into his head…that’s when Chicken Soup for the Soul was born.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $1,000,000 and well, I’m sure you know the rest of the story. These are only a couple of examples of successful ‘vision boards’.

How to make a vision board

You can make a vision board using anything. Many people just use bristol board. I used a sketch book because it is easy to hold and I can look through it like a book (shown in pic).

So, first find yourself a platform to work on (book, board, etc). Then find pictures of things that you want. You can draw them, you can cut out pictures from magazines (this is what I did) or you could find images/pictures online, print them out and paste them onto your vision board.*

Then, every day, spend a few minutes looking at your vision board. Look at every image and imagine how you would feel to have it. Try to physically replicate the feeling that having that thing would make you feel.

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That’s it, now enjoy your new life as it comes! 🙂


*I say you “could” benefit from using a vision board (instead of “you will”) because there is a right way and a wrong way to think about a vision board (while still applying your own style and preferences), but everyone can benefit from a vision board if done correctly. What I mean is, you cannot focus on negative things. For example, if you are saying what you don’t want, then you are focusing on the negative. The ‘universe’ does not hear the word don’t, it only listens to the thing you are focused on. You need to focus on the positive. So, instead of saying you don’t want something, instead, say you want the opposite. For instance, instead of saying “I don’t want to be in debt”, say “I want to make a specific amount of money (by a certain period of time)”.

*My first vision board was a huge collage of images without spaces. It was just a big board of confusion. Although I had the images grouped together, it was very convoluted. Hence, my second (and current) vision board was made by grouping images (with spaces) on their separate pages. For instance, I have a money page, a vacation page (shown above), a health page, etc.

Please share if you know someone who might find this interesting and/or useful. Thanks! 🙂

Do you know how to make a vision board? What methods have you used? Share your comments below.

Be happy, stay healthy! 🙂



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