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Learn how to improve gut health with these 5 ways to improve digestion naturally.

How to improve digestion

Did you know that proper digestion is really important? So important, in fact, that it can cause, not only digestive upset, but also things like inflammation and even food intolerances and sensitivities. So it’s really important to digest your food properly.

5 ways to improve digestion naturally

Here are five ways to improve digestion:

1. Relax when you’re eating

Relax when you’re eating. Don’t eat on the go, don’t eat in front of the TV and try not to eat when you’re stressed.

This is even harder these days because everyone is stressed about something some of the time, if not most of the time and, of course, this pandemic is really putting an extra strain on people.

The reason it’s not recommended for you to eat on the go or when you’re stressed is because stress causes your digestive system to shut down. When you go into flight or fight mode, which is what happens when you’re stressed, it stops your digestive system so that your body can focus on other things that it needs at the moment, which is to deal with the stressor. When your digestive system shuts down, you won’t digest your food properly but you also may not extract all the nutrients from the food.

2. Eat slowly and chew well

Eat slowly and chew your food really well. Most of us don’t chew our food completely and we really should but, at least, try to chew your food really well so it becomes really small before you swallow it.

My husband is guilty of not doing this. The food just goes in his mouth and down his throat (I’m exaggerating a little 😏). Mostly I’m talking about things like peas. My toddler does this too. The food just goes in his mouth and down the hatch. But he only has a few teeth so he really has a good reason.

When you chew your food really well, you really help to support your digestive system by helping to break down that food.

3. Don’t drink too much

Don’t drink too much while you’re eating. You also don’t want to drink up to a half an hour to an hour before or after you eat. Sipping a bit of water during your meal is fine but you don’t want to drink too much. The reason for this is because it can dilute the digestive enzymes in your stomach. You need the digestive enzymes to properly digest your food.

4. Don’t overeat

When you overeat you put a real strain on your body. Your body has a really hard time to digest your food properly when it’s overloaded.

5. Drink lemon water

The way to do this is to have the lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 15-30 mins before eating your breakfast.

Some say you’re supposed to drink warm lemon water. I can’t drink warm water but sometimes I pour the water, I add lemon to it and I let it sit awhile. Sometimes I drink it as it is and sometimes I add a little raw honey (occasionally I’ll add stevia instead).

Lemon water offers many other benefits as well. The reason lemon water is helpful for digestion is because it acts like the acid in your stomach. It helps to digest the food. And most people have low stomach acid these days.


Learning how to improve digestion is really important.

It’s also really important to increase stomach acid, as I mentioned, most people have low stomach acid, not too much stomach acid – even if you have heartburn, Acid Reflux,GERD or EOE.

Having better gut health is a great first step in healing.

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How to improve digestion


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