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Discover the causes of cancer, three scary facts about chemotherapy and learn how to heal cancer naturally and effectively.

natural remedies for cancer
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How to cure heal cancer naturally and effectively

I realize I’m making a big claim here when I’m offering to show you how to heal cancer naturally. Believe me, I don’t take it lightly. My mom and my sister passed away from cancer and I want to help others in the same situation.

Have you ever read, watched or heard something that completely changed your view of something? Like when you stumble upon a solution to something that you didn’t think was possible. That’s what The Truth About Cancer Documentary does. It will change your perspective about cancer, chemotherapy and the outcome for people inflicted by it. It is packed full of information from over 100 Doctors and numerous survivor stories to prove their claims. The Truth About Cancer will show you how to heal cancer naturally.

What causes cancer?

We all have cancer cells in our bodies. However, these cells do not always develop. Yet, if our cells do not communicate properly, cancer develops. Cancer develops due to the following:

  • 18% of cancers are caused by infections
  • 23% of cancers are related to obesity (sugar feeds cancer)
  • 41% of cancers are caused by environmental factors such as pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, soy, metals in teeth, plastics (BPA), antiperspirants (containing aluminum because aluminum mimics estrogen), excitotoxins (msg)
  • 50% of cancers are a result of genetics

*I share 2 additional resources in this video.

Chemotherapy is poisonous

Did you know that 90% of Oncologists wouldn’t give mainstream cancer treatments to their spouse or their children? Wow, that’s disturbing. If you watch the documentary, you will learn that chemotherapy (radiation) is poisonous. You will also learn many alternative treatments that reveal how to heal cancer naturally.

  1. First of all, chemotherapy is like antibiotics because it kills good cells as well as bad cells.
  2. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells but it enriches stem cells, which is where cancer develops in the first place and why it returns, often with a vengeance.
  3. Finally, chemotherapy has cancer-causing chemicals. Seriously. It’s almost laughable.

Cancer is a collection of abnormal cells. The immune systems’ job is to kill abnormal cells. The immune system is key to fighting cancer. Unfortunately, chemotherapy destroys bone marrow and weakens the immune system. As a result, the chances of healing cancer with chemotherapy are minimal. In fact, 97% of cancer patients die upon receiving chemotherapy.

It is possible

I think it was Mahatma Ghandi who said “it is impossible until somebody does it”. Boy is that true. I know it may be hard to believe there are natural remedies for cancer, but there are. This documentary explores numerous methods that demonstrate how to heal cancer naturally.

Now, I’m not saying that it is easy. There may be hard work involved or at least some effort needed. Yet surely people will put forward as much effort that is needed if it means the difference between life or death.


The documentary explains the conspiracy to suppress knowledge about how to heal cancer naturally. In addition, the documentary gives numerous examples of Doctors of natural medicine being harassed and threatened by government/military; some Doctors even had their clinics destroyed.

Big Pharma (large Pharmaceutical companies) is making millions from chemotherapy, radiation and cancer medication and treatments. It’s a sad time when money becomes the goal instead of teaching people natural remedies for cancer. It’s a sad time when greed is desired instead of the joy that comes from healing people.

The truth about cancer

The following video is the first episode of the documentary that is available on YouTube. Click here to watch the full documentary (all 9 episodes) for free and help me (help Ty Bollinger) spread the word about how to heal cancer naturally. Let’s heal the world.


Cancer can be healed naturally and natural remedies for cancer are proving to be far more effective than chemotherapy and radiation. Now our job is to get this information to people who need it.

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How to heal cancer naturally - natural remedies for cancer.


*All information in this post came from The Truth About Cancer documentary.


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