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Learn what can cause malabsorption and how to fix methylation problems.

How to Fix Methylation Problems

Do you have malabsorption issues or do you have trouble with the methylation process?

Methylation is the ability to receive, absorb and assimilate key critical nutrients that we receive from healthy foods, from water, from the sun and from fresh air. Some people have trouble with this process and they’re not able to absorb these key critical nutrients.

Today I’m going to tell you the reason for that and I’m going to tell you how to fix it.

What Causes Malabsorption Issues?

What can cause malabsorption or methylation issues? There’s a few things that happen here.

1. Vitamin B12 deficiency

The first thing that happens is you become deficient in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is critical for methylation. Vitamin B12 helps to utilize, process and distribute all other vitamins and minerals to the rest of your body. It’s necessary for methylation.

2. Dirty Blood

The other thing that prevents proper methylation is dirty blood. Dirty blood also prevents the  conversion of folate or folic acid.

What is dirty blood? What happens is you get a virus in your liver. A lot of people are actually walking around with viruses that they know nothing about. The reason is because it’s really easy to contract a virus – I’m talking about viruses such as the Epstein-Barr virus, which is the cause of many different
conditions. Often you won’t even know that you have a virus until something triggers it.

So you have these viruses in your liver and your liver becomes overloaded and sluggish, not just from the virus but also from all the toxicants (man-made poisons) that we get inside our liver. Your liver eventually cannot hold on to these toxicants and viruses anymore so they leech out into your  bloodstream and then you have what is called dirty blood.

You might have also been told that you have a gene mutation. Now this is going to be controversial,
but I need you to know that genes cannot mutate.

How to Treat Malabsorption

Now how do you fix methylation problems? The way to fix it is to increase your Vitamin B12 intake and the best way to do that is with raw, fresh, unwashed or lightly washed fruits and vegetables. What I’m talking about here are fruits and vegetables that come from your garden.

The next best option is to get them from your local farmers market.

Another option is to grow sprouts on your kitchen counter and this is fairly easy as well. I should
say, from what I’ve heard it’s easy. I haven’t tried it yet, although I‘m considering it. But I know of people who have done it and they say it’s easy. 😏

These are the best ways to get that Vitamin B12 because the best source of probiotics comes from raw, fresh, unwashed fruits and vegetables and it’s probiotics that creates Vitamin B12 in your body.

You can get a kit on amazon for these sprouts.

Another thing you can do is you can take Vitamin B12 supplements. Now, you want to make sure (this is really important) that you get a Vitamin B12 with both kinds of Vitamin B12. The reason is because both kinds of Vitamin B12 are essential for different parts of your body.

There aren’t very many choices out there for this type of Vitamin B12. Here is the Vitamin B12 I recommend. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

How to Cleanse Your Blood

One thing you can do to cleanse your blood is to take Vitamin C. Again, there are certain types of Vitamin C that I recommend and it’s not ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is like battery acid on your stomach.

I recommend either Ester C , which I cannot even find, Micro C (from Vimergy) or Liposomal Vitamin C.

4 Steps to Treat Malabsorption Issues

  1. Increase Vitamin B12
  2. Kill the virus (or viruses) that reside in your liver
  3. Cleanse your blood
  4. Heal your liver

Step 4 might come before step 3 because once you heal your liver, you will stop having dirty blood.

More Help to Fix Malabsorption Issues

Two different methods to help you to fix methylation problems:

1. Do-it-yourself

The first one is a do-it-yourself method. The information that I shared here today comes from a book from the Medical Medium called Liver Rescue. He has a whole chapter on methylation. You can read that chapter to find out more about what I talked about here.

Then you can take those steps and do your own research to find out what you can consume in the way of food, herbs and supplements to fix the problem.

2. Done-for-you method

If you want a done for you method, I create what I call Natural Healing Plans. My Natural Healing Plans are step-by-step guides that you can follow to heal your condition naturally.

Included in the Natural Healing Plan is what causes methylation issues, I will go into a lot more detail about it. There’s a lot that I didn’t talk about because it’s way too complex.

You will learn which foods to avoid that can cause problems and also the food, herbs and supplements that you can add to your diet to help you to heal. In addition, you will learn a step-by-step process for healing including the steps that I talked about here today in more detail and any other steps if necessary.

I wish you health and happiness,



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