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Learn what causes Vitiligo skin disease and how to cure Vitiligo naturally.

How To Cure Vitiligo Naturally

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Today you’ll learn all about Vitiligo, including a couple of myths about Vitiligo, what causes it and how to cure Vitiligo naturally.

If you are here then you already likely know what Vitiligo is, but for those of you who don’t, Vitiligo is a skin condition in which you lose the pigment in your skin.

Two Myths About Vitiligo

First, here are a couple of secrets or a couple of myths around Vitiligo. You’ve probably been told that Vitiligo is just something you have to deal with and you just have to live with it. This isn’t true. The reason this isn’t true is because of myth #2.

This is going to be controversial. Vitiligo is not an autoimmune condition. In fact, there’s no such thing as autoimmune conditions. Your body does not attack itself. In fact, your body never attacks itself, it’s always trying to heal you.

What Causes Vitiligo Skin Disease

So if Vitiligo is not an autoimmune condition, what is it? Vitiligo is caused by a virus and it’s either
the Human Herpes virus 6 or the Epstein-Barr virus ebv. Then you get an overload of heavy metals in your body. The heavy metals specifically for Vitiligo are aluminum and copper. Sometimes you also have an overload of formaldehyde in your liver.

There are certain things that happen to these heavy metals in your body, which I go into more in
depth in my Natural Healing Plan for Vitiligo.

But what happens next is, believe it or not, the virus feeds on heavy metals and toxins. It feeds on the aluminum, copper and the formaldehyde and it makes it stronger

Now for this to happen, you also have to have a weakened or sluggish liver. When your liver becomes sluggish and overloaded with heavy metals and toxins, it’s not able to detox as it should.

When the virus feeds on the heavy metals the toxins, it releases a poison called a dermatoxin. This is what causes the attack against your melanin-producing cells.

So it’s not your body’s fault, it’s these dermatoxins that are released from this process that causes you to lose the pigment in your skin.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally

Now that you know the cause, here’s how to cure Vitiligo skin disease.

Here are 4 steps to cure Vitiligo:

  1. Remove the foods that feed the virus. There are 3 main foods that feed all viruses. These are eggs, dairy and gluten. So you want to start by removing these foods. I say it like it’s easy. I know it’s not easy but it’s something that you need to do if you want to heal and it’s something that gets easier after time. I do recommend that you find some food substitutions to help you with this.
  2. Try to avoid heavy metals and toxins. Now this is impossible (🤔…wait didn’t you just say this is what I needed to do?). But seriously, we just cannot avoid these heavy metals and toxins completely, these days they’re everywhere. So I’ll tell you how to deal with that in step #4.
  3. Reduce your fat intake to support your liver. Here I’m talking even about healthy fats. Healthy fats are even hard on your liver. So you don’t want to eat a lot of fat at all. Otherwise, your liver is so focused on breaking down fats, it’s unable to detox your body as it should.
  4. Add healing food, herbs and supplements to help you to detox the heavy metals and to remove the toxins.

Natural Healing Plan for Vitiligo

If you’re interested in learning how to cure Vitiligo permanently, I’d like to introduce you to my
Natural Healing Plan for Vitiligo.

This Natural Healing Plan will cover the truth about Vitiligo, which i talked about here; what causes vitiligo, I also talked about that here but I go more into depth in the Natural Healing Plan.

In this Natural Healing Plan for Vitiligo, you’ll learn much more about these steps that you need to take as well as what food, herbs and supplements you can add to your diet to help you heal.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How do you detox these heavy metals and toxins from your body?
  • What food, herbs and supplements have the ability to do that?
  • How can you avoid these heavy metals and toxins in the first place?

I’ve also included an antibacterial and antiviral food, herbs and supplements chart, so you can add these foods to your diet to help you kill off the virus and detox heavy metals.

You’ll also learn:

  • 2 drinks that will help you to kill off the virus
  • How you can reduce your fats to support your liver
  • A morning cleanse that will further support your liver and help you to heal
  • 16 supplements to help you heal even faster

If you follow this Natural Healing Plan for Vitiligo, you can heal Vitiligo naturally and permanently.

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What causes Vitiligo skin disease?



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