How to Attract Abundance Through Gratitude

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Gurus such as Deepak Chopra and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Hal Elrod say you can learn how to attract abundance by practicing gratitude.

how to attract abundance
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How to attract abundance now

Gurus such as Deepak Chopra and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Hal Elrod say abundance is easily within your grasp. They say you can learn how to attract abundance by practicing gratitude.

Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned Doctor and spiritual guru with interests and expertise in the mind-body connection, healing and alternative medicine.

Tony Robbins is a well known motivational speaker who has helped millions of people through his work.

Hal Elrod is a motivational speaker who is fairly new to the scene. He is a ball of energy and positivity who has overcome great difficulties. He has a truly inspirational story. After having been in a car accident, he decided he was not going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life, and that was that. You can learn more about him and check out his book here.

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How is abundance achieved through gratitude?

They say, you must practice gratitude in order to begin attracting abundance. In other words, you must begin feeling gratitude for the things/people in your life that you already have and that you are already thankful for. By doing so, you will attract more things you are grateful for.

You become what you focus on. The things that you focus on is what you will attract more of (in your life). If you focus on what you don’t have and what you don’t want, you will attract what you don’t want. If you focus on all that you have and what you want, you will attract what you want. This is the Law of Attraction.

However, Deepak Chopra says you must not feel desperation or attachment to anything/anyone. This will also repel what you want. You must release that desperation (very difficult I know). You must put forth your desire and intention. Ask for what you desire and intend to get it.

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The health benefits of practicing gratitude

Many studies show that people who practice gratitude experience:

  • more joy and happiness
  • optimism about the future
  • better health
  • motivation to exercise
  • more energy, enthusiasm, determination, and focus
  • greater progress toward achieving important personal goals
  • more restful sleep and awake feeling refreshed
  • greater strength during difficult times
  • closer family ties
  • motivation to help others and to offer emotional support
  • less stress

The Miracle Morning

In his book, Hal Elrod shares his amazing story. In addition to practicing gratitude, Hal also explains additional methods regarding how to attract abundance in your life. Hal explains his life SAVERS method.

This method involves silence/meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing/journaling. Hal says if you practice this method, you will learn how to attract abundance and achieve the life of your dreams. There are many testimonies in his book to prove it. He calls this the Miracle Morning.

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Practice gratitude

If you are not up for trying the Miracle Morning, instead, every morning when you wake up, write down or just say aloud three things you are grateful for. I guarantee you will begin to see some positive changes in your life. Even if it is just the fact that you feel happier.

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