Healthy meal planning

My 3-step meal-planning system to help you plan healthy meals in 1 hour or less per week

Learn how to stay on track with healthy meal planning…even if you have very little time!

Do you struggle with healthy meal planning?

  • Maybe you struggle with time to plan healthy meals.
  • Maybe you have trouble finding healthy recipes.
  • Maybe you struggle to keep up with healthy meal planning each day.
  • Maybe you find yourself searching for last-minute dinner ideas.
  • Maybe you feel guilty as you struggle to keep up with healthy meal planning.
  • Maybe you struggle to be consistent with healthy meal planning.

I have been there my friend.

Healthy eating seems more important than ever these days, with all the intolerances and sensitivities to foods and the rise in autoimmune conditions over recent years. I've had my share of problems (digestive issues, joint pain, eczema). I have since overcome these challenges, mostly by changing my diet, so I know how crucial it is to eat healthy.

Plus, the cost of not making healthy meal planning (and eating) a routine far outweighs the little time and dedication it takes to get organized and be consistent with healthy meal planning.

The cost of medication and other medical bills can cost thousands of dollars. That's why it's important to take control and learn a system that will help get you on track, and stay on track, with healthy meal planning.

Over the years I've struggled to be consistent with eating healthy, to find healthy recipes, doing last-minute searches desperately searching for dinner ideas, unable to find the time for healthy meal planning cause I never had a way to stay organized and be consistent with healthy meal planning.

I realized my inconsistent, disorganized method for meal planning was not working and I needed to find a solution, for me and my family. Our health depended on it.

Let me show you how you can use a meal-planning app to find healthy recipes quickly and easily so you can be consistent and stay on track with healthy eating.


My 3-step system is designed to help you find recipes quickly and easily using a meal-planning app and a meal planner so you can stay consistent with healthy meal planning and healthy eating (and keep your family on track too). If you follow my system in this healthy meal planning mini course, it will prevent you from getting off track again.

Start healthy meal planning today for only $47!

Here's what happens after enrolling in Three Steps to Healthy Meal Planning...

  • You'll feel great about feeding your family. There is no need to feel bad or guilty since you will plan healthy meals, stick to your plan and feed your family delicious, nourishing meals.
  • You'll spend more time with your family (or play with your kids). Dinner will be over much quicker than usual because you'll know what you will be cooking, you'll have all the ingredients and you'll choose an instant pot or 30-minute meal.
  • You'll save money. Since you'll have a list of the exact ingredients and amounts you need for upcoming meals, you won't buy all kinds of extra foods.
  • You'll feel relieved. You'll stop wondering what you're going to have for supper, because you'll already know and you'll have everything you need. You might even receive a notification that it's time to prep and cook. It's an unbelievable feeling to know that dinners are planned for the week. What will you do with yourself?

Here's What You’ll Get When You Enroll

You get lifetime access and you can get started right away. In as little as a few hours, you will be equipped with everything you need to make healthy meal planning part of your routine.

A simple method for finding recipes

Learn how to use an app to find healthy recipes quickly and easily.

Easy meal planning

Learn how to make meal planning easy and stress-free in 1 hour or less per week.

A repertoire of healthy recipes

Learn how an easy way to collect a huge list of healthy recipes so you can use them again and again.

Be consistent and organized

Learn a simple way to organize and plan your meals so you can be consistent with healthy meal planning.

What’s included in the course:

There are four modules plus a BONUS module!


Welcome Module: Introduction

Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: Three-step system (& downloads)


Module One: Use an App and a Meal Planner

Lesson 1: What is Mealime? (app demo)

Lesson 2: What is a meal planner?

Lesson 3: Why using a meal planner is a game-changer

Lesson 4: Why it's important to eat a range of foods


Module Two: Create a plan

Lesson 1: Create an outline

Lesson 2: Find healthy recipes

Lesson 3: Add recipes

Lesson 4: Create a shopping list


Module Three: Implement your plan

Lesson 1: Shop (where)

Lesson 2: Prep food (benefits)

Lesson 3: Cook (choices)


Module Four: Additional resources

Lesson 1: 10 tips to maintain a healthy diet

Lesson 2: 10 tips for successful meal planning

Lesson 3: When you don't have time to plan

Lesson 4: Real food planning challenge


I've got bonuses for youHere are a few extra things to make the process even smoother.

Bonus 1
App demonstrations

I'll show you the benefits and features of two other great meal-planning apps (these ones have desktop capabilities and much more).

Bonus 2
App comparison chart

I've created a side-by-side comparison chart of the three apps so you can decide which app is best for your particular needs.

Bonus 3
Digital resources

You'll get digital copies of my weekly/monthly meal planner, shopping list, food diary & clean fifteen dirty dozen wallet cards.

Imagine if you could plan healthy meals in 1 hour per week or less and...

  • Find healthy recipes quickly and easily.
  • Build a huge list of healthy meals you can choose from.
  • Plan healthy meals for your family each day.
  • Finally be consistent with healthy meal planning.
  • Stop searching for last-minute dinner ideas.
  • Stop feeling guilty about what you feed your family.

About The Course Teacher,
Kenda Mogford

Kenda believes eating a balanced diet that includes real food is the best place to start to avoid health issues in the future.

After making changes to her diet, Kenda healed digestive issues, hip pain, eczema and more. Now, she is on a mission to help others develop healthier habits and find healing themselves.

The 5-Day Action-Takers Guarantee

If you enroll in the course and discover it’s not the right fit, then you can contact me at within 5 days of purchase for a full refund. However in order to be eligible for a refund you MUST: 1) Contact me within 5 days of purchase and 2) Complete the entire mini course (I'll have to check to see if you’ve watched 100% of all the videos).

Frequently Asked Questions

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A final note

I made this course so affordable because I wanted to help as many people as possible.

I know there are so many people struggling to eat healthy, and it's so important! You will be doing your family a huge service when you make meal planning and healthy eating a habit. Your body will thank you too.