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Eczema is an autoimmune condition in which the skin becomes rough, inflamed, itchy and it bleeds. Learn how to heal eczema naturally and eliminate it for good.

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Heal Eczema with an Elimination Diet

Sorry for the graphic picture but I wanted to show you an actual picture of my hand before and after eliminating trigger foods from my diet. These pictures were taken within a few months from each other.

The first picture (above) shows what my eczema is like when eating problematic foods (cow’s milk, durum wheat, refined sugar, yeast, lactose). The second picture (below) does not show signs of eczema at all (after eliminating problematic foods).

Let me first say that this may not work for everybody. However, I have suffered from eczema for years. I use to have it all over my body – red, dry, sore, itchy patches everywhere. I still get tiny spots sometimes and some dry skin in the winter but it has virtually disappeared.

What is eczema?

Eczema is a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching, bleeding, cracked skin and cuts.

Many people are not aware that eczema is an autoimmune condition; autoimmune conditions are triggered by chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation is caused by toxins (in food, in products in your environment).

My experiment

For the last few years, I have had severe eczema on my right hand. Don’t ask me why because my doctors and I don’t have an answer for this. Am I right-handed you might ask? Yes I am. So I thought it may be due to using my right hand for everything – washing dishes, cleaning, petting my cat and dog, etc. However, I performed an experiment where I wore gloves when cleaning each time and I consciously tried petting my animals with my left hand for a week – this did not make any difference. These things may not help my condition, but they certainly were not the cause.

How to get some relief

It is the foods that I eat (or don’t eat in this case) that have made all the difference. After many tests and years of pain and frustration, I finally found relief.

After completing an elimination diet and many Meridian Stress Assessments, I now know that I cannot eat casein (in cow’s milk), durum wheat, lactose, refined sugar or yeast.

I can eat spelt, sprouted grains (wheat that is easier to digest), goat’s milk products (cheese, milk, yogourt), coconut sugar, honey, date sugar and maple sugar. See other possible food substitutions.

home remedies for eczema

Upon removing the problematic foods, my hand eczema has virtually disappeared. I finally discovered how to heal eczema. I am so thankful and relieved not to have a painful, itchy hand…not to mention the embarrassment that goes along with it; I used to try and hide my hand from others all the time.

How you can heal eczema

I bet you’d like some relief as well?

There are many ways to get relief (use gloves for cleaning, don’t use hot water, use non-toxic cleaning products, etc). However, I wanted a cure, not a bandage. If you are looking for a natural remedy for eczema you want to heal eczema once and for all, try the following:

First, you need to discover whether or not you have an intolerance, sensitivity or an allergy to certain foods. You can discover this through one of the methods I mentioned – an easy elimination diet or a Meridian Stress Assessment.

Once you’ve discovered the foods that could be triggering your eczema, you must eliminate those foods from your diet. I would be extremely surprised if, after eliminating certain foods, you don’t find some relief.

*If you want relief but you’d like to avoid an elimination diet, here are some alternatives.

Digestive issues

As mentioned, eczema is an autoimmune condition that often presents itself alongside digestive issues (that certainly was my case). If you have digestive issues as well (or other uncomfortable symptoms) and you’d like to learn how you can heal yourself as well, you can sign up for my FREE eight-step guide explaining how I eliminated digestive issues as well as eczema and other symptoms and how you can do it too.

Prevention and maintenance

Although Aveeno is wonderful for treating eczema, it is not without toxic ingredients. If you want to make your own, you can try my homemade eczema cream or this new version I came up with that I find even better. Otherwise, you can try this unscented, moisturizing lotion from the Honest Company (I found a double pack for an amazing price at Costco).

I haven’t been able to find anything else that works as well, doesn’t contain toxic ingredients and doesn’t sting my hands. This is my favorite so far (great for babies’ sensitive skin too).

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Please share if you know someone who might find this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

Have you been able to heal eczema naturally? Have you had success eliminating foods from your diet? Share your comments below.

I wish you health and happiness! 🙂


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