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Did you know there are some health food trends that are actually harmful to your health? Learn about 5 unhealthy food trends you should avoid and why.

5 Unhealthy Food Trends

*This information comes from the Medical Medium.

Are you caught up in the health food trends that are out there today? I know I was until I discovered the truth about some health food trends.

Today I’m going to tell you about 5 health food trends that are actually either not helpful or they’re even harmful.

Some of these are going to be really surprising. I’m going to tell you about one health food trend that is very popular and it’s really not good for you for many reasons.

Fruit Fear

The first one is fruit. There is a fear of fruit these days. They’re telling you not to eat so much fruit because of the sugar content. They’re telling you to stay away from fruit in order to heal candida.

Are fruits bad for you? No, absolutely not. You don’t want to stay away from fruit at all. The sugar in fruit does not feed candida and candida itself is not a problem. Candida (overgrowth) is a warning of a bigger issue.

The sugar in fruit is a natural sugar. It’s not the same as every other sugar. They say sugar is bad. Stay away from sugar. But it’s not all the same. You should stay away from white, refined sugar if you can or as much as possible because it offers no health benefits.

But the sugar in fruit is a healthy glucose for your brain and for your liver. It’s even necessary for survival.

Fruit is anti-disease. It offers so many health benefits. Fruit is the most healing food on the planet. It’s the only food that is effective, on its own, for preventing cancer.

Fermented Foods

The next one is fermented foods. Now, especially if you’re eating something like yogurt. Yogurt is harmful because it’s dairy and dairy feeds viruses. So you want to stay away from it for that reason.

But also fermented foods such as fermented meat is decaying meat. That’s not healthy and it’s not helpful.

Fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut (which is made from cabbage) is not harmful but it doesn’t offer the right microorganisms for your body. You get that from fresh, raw, unwashed or lightly washed fruits and vegetables. That’s your best source of probiotics.

Fermented foods were a means of survival. They don’t offer the benefits that everyone thinks.


The next one is nightshades – potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomato.

People are taking nightshades out of their diet because they’re causing symptoms. They believe that for autoimmune conditions, for example, they need to remove nightshades from their diet. Nightshades are actually really good for you. These foods offer tremendous health benefits.

Potatoes, for instance, are high in lysine. They are antiviral. They are really powerful for killing off viruses.

What happens is when you have a chronic illness or an autoimmune condition, you have a virus. These foods kill off the virus and then you have these symptoms. So it’s not the food itself that gives you symptoms, it’s what the food is doing.

Now if you have a severe allergy to one of these foods, then that’s not the case and you shouldn’t eat them. So i’m not recommending if you have a severe allergy that you eat these foods.

What I’m saying is if you have symptoms from any of these foods, you can just eat a small amount. So eat just one small potato in a meal, for example, and see how you do with that. You might still have symptoms but after a while you won’t.

It’s the same as celery juice. Celery juice is the most medicinal herb there ever was. Yes, it’s an herb, not a vegetable. 😉

When you start to add celery juice to your morning regime, it can cause severe symptoms. But after a while, once it starts to clean out your body, those symptoms will go away. That’s the same with nightshades.

The other problem with nightshades is that they are often paired with foods that aren’t good for you. Potatoes are paired with butter, with sour cream, etc. Again, this is dairy and dairy feeds viruses (as I mentioned). Eggplant is often paired with parmesan. Tomatoes are in ketchup. Ketchup usually has high fructose corn syrup. Peppers are often paired with cheese (dairy) and sausage.

Pork is really high in fat. It’s the meat with the highest fat. You should try to avoid it as much as possible.

If you haven’t been surprised yet. These last two are probably going to shock you.

Nutritional Yeast

The next one is nutritional yeast. I was really excited when I discovered nutritional yeast as a  substitute for cheese because I love cheese (I have a hard time avoiding it completely 😬 but I don’t eat it for the most part).

But a better substitution is cashews. I recently found butter and cream cheese made from cashews and I love them both (so grateful). You can use cashews to make cheese.

The problem with nutritional yeast – most most people don’t know this, I didn’t know this for the longest time – is that it contains MSG. Now it doesn’t say that it contains MSG (side note: there are
a number of different names for MSG such as yeast extract, natural flavor, etc). MSG is not listed as an ingredient in nutritional yeast (remember this info comes from the Medical Medium).

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one is the most shocking of them all. Apple cider vinegar is the best one of all the vinegars but
vinegar in general is not healthy and there are a few reasons for that.

One of the reasons is that it makes you dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated, your body can’t detox as it should (i.e. your liver can’t detox as it should) because it needs lots of fluids to flush out toxins.

Also, vinegar is often paired with salt for pickling and salt is also dehydrating. It has the same effect. The two of them together are a double whammy.

It also weakens your stomach acid. This is a huge problem. Low stomach acid is a trigger for chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. It’s not too much stomach acid, it’s low stomach acid that causes us to get sick.

The only thing really good about apple cider vinegar is that it contains apples. Apples are incredibly healing – they’re antiviral.


So to recap, you should ditch fermented foods, nutritional yeast and apple cider vinegar and bring on the fruit and nightshades!

Add as many of these healthy foods to your diet as possible. These foods will help you to heal. To learn about other healing foods, download my list of 18 antiviral and antibacterial fruits and veggies.

I wish you health and happiness,


Unhealthy Food Trends

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