Essential oil blends for natural healing
how to detox your life

How to Detox Your Life

Essential oils can be used for all kinds of ailments. However, essential oils have their own unique abilities. Some are best for relieving pain, such as peppermint essential oil and some are best for congestion, such as eucalyptus.

Essential oils are very powerful natural healers. So powerful in fact, that many essential oils come with usage warnings, much like pharmaceuticals, but without all the nasty side effects.

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Natural remedy roll-ons

Pain relief

For headache, back pain, cramps

Ease your symptoms naturally with this powerful pain-relieving blend of essential oils.

Vapor rub

For congestion - cough, cold and flu

Ease your symptoms naturally with this powerful blend of essential oils for congestion.


To ease stress and nervousness

Ease your symptoms naturally with this unique blend of calming essential oils.

What people are saying:

"We consider Kenda's homemade vapor rub a staple around here! Especially in the winter months aka cold and flu season. It's just like the vapor rubs we all knew and loved as kids can actually recognize and pronounce the ingredients! It works amazing, every time we use it! I am excited to hear that she will be offering it in a roll-on now! Even more convenient!" :)

- Jade Layden

"I have suffered from anxiety for years and love this roll-on! I put it on my wrists and neck, would love to smell it throughout the day and found it has a very soothing effect on me. If you suffer from anxiety, I would definitely give this a try. I also have very sensitive skin and this did not bother my skin at all. A great product!" (Combo#1 - lavender, sweet orange, rosemary)

- Julie M.

"I have found the pain relief roll-on to be an amazing product. It has brought about a natural remedy for migraines, headaches and to my delightful surprise relieves sinus pressure headaches as well. I discovered this the other day when I awakened with a sinus headache. (Oh I don’t like those headaches). Anyway I rolled on my migraine/headache roll on and was so impressed to realize (with no meds) that my headache was gone in no time. I roll it on my temples, my neck, my forehead, all my sinus areas, and below my ears. It has a pleasant soft scent and it’s time to order a new one. Love this stuff. I would highly recommend this product. It’s now my new friend I go to when in need lol! Seriously though!"

- Kim Farfanick