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Learn about one of the foods you should not be eating for eczema and why you should avoid this food for eczema.

Does Sugar Affect Eczema?

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Today I want to tell you why you should avoid sugar if you have eczema. When I talk about sugar, I’m talking about refined sugar. There are other more natural sugars that you can have and that are even helpful for eczema.

There are no benefits to white, refined sugar. There are some really great alternatives to refined sugar.

If you’re going to eat sugar, you should try a more natural sugar. Raw honey, for example, offers health benefits. So does maple syrup. Date sugar is another great one as well, or just dates. You can make a delicious caramel sauce out of dates for example. I love caramel so that’s what I do.

Why Avoid Sugar for Eczema

There are reasons why you should avoid sugar if you have eczema but it’s not the sugar itself that causes eczema.

The problem with sugar, if you have eczema, is that when you consume sugar, most of the time it is combined with fat, if not always. So when you think of times that you’re going to have sugar, it’s usually cheesecake, pastries, cake, cookies and it’s all paired with fat or it’s paired with other foods
that are not helpful if you have eczema or if you have any autoimmune condition.

What’s the Problem With Fat?

The reason fat is a problem is because fat is really hard on your liver, even healthy fats. I’m not saying never to eat healthy fats because coconut oil, for instance, offers some great benefits and avocado offers some great benefits as well.

It’s okay to eat these foods once a while. In fact, I recommend you eat these foods once in a while but you don’t want to eat them too much. You don’t want to have too much fat at all.

What happens is too much fat makes your liver sluggish. When your liver becomes sluggish, it produces less bile. When it produces less bile it calls to your stomach for help. Then your stomach starts to overproduce stomach acid. When that happens, your stomach has less stomach acid.

That’s a huge trigger for eczema and for all other autoimmune conditions. So you need to make sure you have a good amount of stomach acid and you want to heal your liver.

That’s actually the bottom line when it comes to healing eczema is to heal your liver. I share how to do that in my eczema program.

Other Foods to Avoid for Eczema

There are 3 other more important foods to avoid for eczema. You can check out this post to learn what 3 foods are most important for you to avoid and why.

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Foods to avoid for eczema

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