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Learn how to detox from plastics, radiation and more with these detox drink recipes.

Detox drink recipes

Today I’m gonna’ be telling you about five detox teas. The reason this is so important is that these are teas that can help you flush toxicants from your body. When I talk about toxicants, I’m talking about man-made poisons. Toxicants are everywhere these days and are livers are overloaded with these toxicants.

These detox tea recipes include loose tea. But if you don’t want loose tea, you can also use teabags. I have rounded up all of these (organic) teas on Amazon for you. You will find a link to each collection of teas below each recipe.

The Medical Medium

You should also know, all of the information that I’m going to tell you about today, all of these detox teas, come from the Medical Medium. These detox tea recipes come specifically from his new book ‘Cleanse to Heal’. This is an amazing book.

In this book, he talks about these five detox tea recipes – a little bit more in-depth about these detox teas and why you need to detox from these toxicants in the first place.

He also tells you about seven cleanses that you can do that really help to cleanse your body, especially your liver, which is really important. He covers much more in this book as well. It’s worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend you go get it.

I also created a recent post about the Medical Medium, who he is, what he does and I talked a lot more in-depth about four of his books.

He has six books altogether so far (and he’s working on another). I devoured his books – I have five out of six. So, go check him out – either go grab his book or go check out this post to learn more about him and his books.

5 detox teas

It’s the same for all of these teas: you want to blend equal parts of each different kind of tea, it’s always one tablespoon in one cup of water and you could drink this once a day if you like.

*Most of these teas come from plants, I will specify those that don’t to make it clear what they are.

1. Anti-chlorine and anti-fluoride tea

The first tea is an anti-chlorine and anti-fluoride tea. There is fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water. There’s chlorine in the water when you go swimming. Chlorine and fluoride are really toxic to the liver.

Fluoride is actually a byproduct of aluminum. Here is the recipe for anti-chlorine and anti-fluoride tea: you want to blend equal parts of blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, hibiscus flower and rose hips. A little side note – rose hips is really high in vitamin C.

2. Anti-pesticide, anti-herbicide and anti-fungicide tea

The second tea is an anti-pesticide, anti-herbicide and anti-fungicide detox tea. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are very toxic to the body. All of these toxicants (that I’m talking about here) are very hard on your liver. You want to give your liver the best chance it can to detox as it’s supposed to. So if you can help it along, that’s a great thing to do for your liver.

For this tea, it’s a blend of burdock root, red clover, lemon verbena and ginger.

3. Anti-plastics tea

The third tea is an anti-plastics tea.

Plastics are everywhere. I highly recommend you buy BPA-free whenever you can, that’s helpful. But even pharmaceuticals contain plastic, which is really quite surprising (there are even heavy metals in pharmaceuticals). We have plastic shopping bags and we have plastic food containers.

There are some plastics that promote inflammation, that disrupt the brain’s neurons and neurotransmitters, that confuse your hormones and that feed cancer, viruses and bacteria. So that’s another really great reason to avoid plastics whenever you can. Plastic is everywhere and it seeps into our bodies.

The anti-plastic tea is a blend of fenugreek, mullein leaf, olive leaf (from an olive tree) and lemon balm.

4. Anti-cleaning solvent tea

This next tea is an anti-cleaning solvent tea. This is for you if you have toxic cleaning chemicals in your home, or maybe you don’t and that’s great, but you might have carpet. Cleaning solvents are likely in your carpet and they can also be in your clothing.

Cleaning solvents weaken the immune system and they can trigger health conditions. So you want to avoid then as much as possible. The way to do that is with this tea. This is a blend of calendula, chamomile, bladderwrack (seaweed) and borage.

5. Anti-radiation tea

Last but not least is an anti-radiation tea.

We get radiation from x-rays, for example, but we even get the leftover radiation from nuclear power plant disasters such as Fukushima and Chernobyl. All of that radiation doesn’t go away, it just stays in the air. It stays in the land, in our food, in livestock, in everything it touches. The way to combat that is to detox and try to avoid that radiation as much as possible.

This tea is a blend of Atlantic kelp (seaweed), Atlantic dulse (algae), dandelion leaf and nettle leaf.

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5 detox tea recipes


The information from this post comes from the following book from the Medical Medium (Chap 18 – Water Pollution): Medical Medium book – The secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal.

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