fruit explosion muffins

These healthy homemade fruit explosion muffins turned out very well. They are very tasty and, as the title suggests, exploding with fruit including apples, strawberries and blueberries and no refined sugar.Read More →

homemade gummies

I’ve compiled a list of a dozen recipes (paleo and gluten-free) from some of my favorite bloggers. These homemade gummies are very healthy because they are made with gelatin; gelatin offers tremendous health benefits. In addition, these homemade gummy recipes contain very few ingredients and use only natural sugars.Read More →

healthy apple cinnamon muffins

I used spelt in these healthy apple cinnamon muffins but you could easily substitute another type of flour if you like. Spelt is easier to digest than durum wheat and it has a very mild taste. These muffins are moist and yummy!Read More →

healthy banana muffins

These delicious healthy banana muffins are free of durum wheat and refined sugar. They are made with sprouted wheat and honey, both of which are healthier options.Read More →