Alkaline Diet for Better Health

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2019)

What is an alkaline diet?

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An alkaline diet is a diet that consists of eating alkaline foods (oxygen-rich foods). While experts recommend a balance of alkaline and acidic foods, they recommend eating mostly alkaline foods.

Why is an alkaline diet so important?

The reason for eating an alkaline diet is to balance your body’s pH. Balancing your body’s pH helps to protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels. In addition, it has been shown to help prevent plaque formation in arteries, to build stronger bones and to help absorb vitamins.

Most noteworthy, eating an alkaline diet reduces inflammation in your body. Experts agree that chronic inflammation can lead to disease and illness. Consequently, balancing your body’s pH has been shown to greatly reduce your chances of contracting a disease or chronic illness such as cancer.*

Fighting Cancer

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment”. This phrase was coined after Dr. Otto Warburg won a nobel prize for discovering that cancer cells have low oxygen levels. So, it seems like flooding your body with extra oxygen should kill cancer cells? Well, not exactly. Dr. Warburg tried to cure cancer with oxygen, and he failed. However, even though extra oxygen may not beat cancer on its own, it is definitely beneficial and a good place to start.

Which foods are alkaline?

An alkaline diet is based on (oxygen-rich) foods that are plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, raw foods and nuts such as almonds. In addition, foods that are loaded with iron are oxygen-rich as well. These include meat, poultry, fish, legumes, green leafy vegetables and, finally, molasses.

*If you want to take the guesswork out of eating an alkaline diet, check out this five-star alkaline cookbook to help get you started.

Methods for balancing pH and increasing oxygen in the body

Unfortunately, there are many harmful toxins that feed disease and illness, which often cannot be avoided, such as our polluted air, soil and water. In addition to eating an alkaline diet, there are many healthy habits that also help to balance pH and increase oxygen in your body:

  • ditch your microwave and get yourself a Himalayan salt lamp (both decrease the amount of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to)*
  • eat organic, non-GMO, unprocessed foods
  • cut out artificial sweeteners, grains and dairy*
  • try juicing (it’s delicious!)
  • use (or make your own) natural, non-toxic beauty, personal care and cleaning products
  • limit your use of synthetic medications whenever possible
  • open your windows whenever possible and fill your home with plants (both for added oxygen)
  • drink alkaline water (water with lemon is even better)
  • exercise
  • add more fiber to your diet
  • limit alcohol and caffeine
  • reduce stress
  • practice deep breathing and meditation


*Eating an alkaline diet also helps to combat acid reflux.

*Dairy is very calcium-rich yet it is also very acidic. Because it is acidic, it steals calcium from the body to balance your body’s pH. Hence, eating dairy to increase your calcium intake does not work. Rather than dairy, try raw milk or almond milk.

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