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Discover how to treat anxiety with essential oils with these 9 essential oils that help with anxiety and depression.

9 Essential Oils That Help With Anxiety and Depression

Do you have anxiety? If so, there are certain essential oils that are helpful for relieving anxiety.

Today I’m going to tell you about 9 essential oils for anxiety.

I always recommend that you get to the root of the problem, whether it has to do with mental health issues or physical issues such as chronic illness. But until you are able to get to the root of the problem, I highly recommend natural remedies such as essential oils.

I’ve put these 9 essential oils into separate groups, depending on what they are useful for.

There are other essential oils that are helpful for anxiety, but I’ve narrowed down the list to these 9 essential oils.

Calming Essential Oils for Anxiety

The first set of essential oils are flower essential oils and the reason they helpful is because they are calming.

1. Lavender essential oil

The first one is lavender essential oil. This is a very popular essential oil, so you might even have it on hand.

2. Rose essential oil

The next one is rose essential oil. The reason rose essential oil is helpful is because it’s very healing for your heart. So, any strong emotions that you have, any hurtful emotions that you have, or negative emotions, rose essential oil is very helpful for that.

3. Ylang ylang essential oil

The final essential oil in this group is ylang ylang. Ylang ylang is a very sweet smelling essential oil.

These three essential oils are wonderful in perfume recipes.

Uplifting Essential Oils for Anxiety

The second group of essential oils are helpful because they are uplifting – anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, if not always.

I healed a long time anxiety disorder, but I remember during that time when I felt really happy, I didn’t have anxiety. And there are, of course, lots of studies and evidence to prove that anxiety and depression do go hand in hand.

So, these essential oils are very helpful for lifting your spirits, and these are citrus essential oils.

1. Bergamot essential oil

2. Sweet orange essential oil

3. Lemon essential oil

There are other essential oils that help ease anxiety. These essential oils are lemongrass, pink grapefruit and lime essential oils.

Grounding Essential Oils

The next group of essential oils are helpful because they’re grounding. Grounding means that it brings you back down to earth and out of your head.

These essential oils help to calm you as well. These essential oils come from trees.

1. Frankincense essential oil

The first one is essential oil is frankincense – this is a very earthy essential oil.

2. Cedarwood essential oil

The next grounding essential oil is cedarwood. Cedarwood has a sedative effect, so it’s very helpful for anxiety.

3. Sandalwood essential oil

The last grounding essential oil is sandalwood. Sandalwood is a very sweet smelling essential oil.

You can use any combination of these essential oils.

I have an anxiety essential oil roller blend in my Etsy shop, along with many other natural remedy roll-ons.

I have an anxiety roll-on for adults and I have one for kids as well.

More Help for Anxiety

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Essential oils that help with anxiety and depression

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