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There are many supplements that can help you to stay healthy but there is one supplement that is crucial for good health.

Benefits of Zinc Supplement

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There is one supplement that is crucial for good health. That’s especially important right now with this virus going around. We need all of the help we can get to stay healthy and this supplement will help you with that.

There are many supplements that can help you to stay healthy, but this is the one that I would recommend more than anything else.

This supplement that is so crucial for good health is zinc. Every person in my family takes zinc.

Zinc Deficiency

The Medical Medium says most people are deficient in zinc these days. The reason is because zinc has been depleted from our soil. For this reason, there is not as much zinc in our food. There’s a lot less zinc in food than there ever used to be because of all the toxicants, the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and other chemicals and toxins that are in our environment.

5 Health Benefits of Zinc

1. It boosts your immune system

The number one reason to take zinc is because it helps to boost your immune system. This is so important right now.

2. It kills pathogens

Zinc is really helpful for healing because it kills pathogens. What I mean by pathogens are viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria are behind all of the autoimmune conditions and the chronic illnesses that are rampant these days.

3. It is essential for your liver

Another reason why zinc is so important is because it is essential for all of the 2000 jobs that your liver does. Your liver can’t perform as it should without zinc. Zinc is necessary for the functions of your liver.

Your liver is what helps keep you healthy, your liver is what flushes all the toxins out of your body.

People have overloaded livers these days, so your liver could use a little extra help.

4. It reduces inflammation

Zinc reduces inflammation. If you have a chronic illness, or if you have a virus or a respiratory condition, you will have inflammation. So it’s really important to find ways to bring down that inflammation.

5. It heals wounds

Finally, the last reason why zinc is helpful for healing is because it helps to heal wounds. So it’s especially helpful for things like eczema, psoriasis, any other kind of skin condition or any kind of illness that would cause you to have wounds.

Best Brand for Zinc Supplement

Here is the zinc that I recommend. This zinc is from a company called Vimergy. There are three reasons why I recommend this zinc:

1. It’s organic

2. No harmful ingredients

It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients like preservatives, chemicals or alcohol. When you are choosing a supplement, if you decide to try a different kind of zinc, make sure it doesn’t have any of those harmful ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have any alcohol. Because if there’s alcohol in it, then it works against all of the benefits of zinc, they cancel each other out.

3. It tastes great

Another reason I recommend this particular zinc is because it goes down really smooth. Some zincs can be really hard to take. I’ve heard of people taking zinc supplements, and it making them sick. This one doesn’t do that. Like I said, my whole family takes it, even my three year old, and we have no problems.

4. It’s most effective

Lastly, I recommend this brand most of all because it’s zinc liquid sulfate. It is the most effective zinc, it’s potent.

The Best Way to Take Zinc Supplement

The way to take zinc is, you can either take it with some water or with juice. I take it with a little bit of juice, because the first time I tried zinc liquid sulfate, I just took it by itself and I found it, let’s say, unusual. 😏

That’s the best way I can describe it. Taking it with water was okay, but I recommend you take it with juice – this brand actually has organic apple juice in it. If you want to try this zinc, here is the link.

The next brand I highly recommend is Mary Ruth’s Organics. This zinc is a close runner-up. Here is the link for Mary Ruth’s zinc. Like Vimergy, they have other great products (supplements) you can try as well.

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Benefits of zinc

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