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Learn how to prevent a viral infection – 3 foods to avoid when sick.

How to Prevent a Viral Infection

If you have a chronic illness or autoimmune condition, you have a pathogen. What I mean by pathogens are viruses and bacteria. Pathogens are behind most, if not all, chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions.

But, there are steps you can take to avoid getting sick. There are certain foods that feed bad gut bacteria and viruses.

What are these foods that feed viruses and bacteria? There are many foods, but there are three in particular that are really important for you to avoid if you have a chronic illness or autoimmune condition.

Foods that Feed Viruses and Bad Gut Bacteria

1. Eggs

The first food, and this is the most important one, to avoid is eggs, unfortunately. I was really disappointed to find out about this. I had known about the other two for a very long time but I found out about eggs more recently.

The reason you want to avoid eggs is that eggs feed pathogens like I said.

These pathogens and bacteria were created in laboratories years ago and they used these foods, especially eggs, to feed the bacteria and viruses. This makes me a bit curious about our current situation. 🤔

2. Dairy

The next food that you want to avoid is dairy, and this includes all dairy – so cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, ice cream – all of these foods. You want to avoid all dairy products as much as possible.

3. Gluten

The third food that you want to avoid is gluten. You can try gluten-free foods. There are many choices out there these days. There are a lot more choices than there were when I first started to look at removing these foods from my diet.

There are some great options, not just for baking at home, but there are also options that you can find in the natural food section at your grocery store. You can find substitutions made with coconut flour, with almond flour, with cassava flour (which is a root vegetable) and there are others.

Just be sure to read the list of ingredients and be wary of the ingredients. Whenever an ingredient is removed, they often replace it with other not-so-great ingredients such as natural flavour which, unfortunately, is msg. You wouldn’t believe the number of foods in the natural section at grocery stores that contain ‘natural flavour’. 🙄

How to kill viruses and bacteria naturally

Besides removing these foods from your diet, how can you fight viruses and bacteria otherwise? The way to do this is with food, herbs and supplements. There are many antiviral and antibacterial food, herbs and supplements.

I wrote an article recently about 15 foods that help to fight viruses and bacteria naturally. These are antiviral and antibacterial fruits and vegetables. I created a pdf that you can download – this is a list of food, herbs and supplements that kill viruses and bacteria.

Take Small Steps

Especially if this is all new to you, just start to kind of think about these things and start to consider removing these foods. Just start to get yourself used to the idea and just start to look around. See what you can find.

Please share if you know someone who would find this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

Do you know of any other foods that feed viruses and bad gut bacteria? Share your comments below.

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Foods that feed viruses


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