How to Detox Your Life
detox your life

How to Detox Your Life

*Heal Yourself Naturally*

I help naturally-minded mamas find natural solutions to heal chronic illness and autoimmune conditions

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Learn what caused your health condition, foods you should be eating to encourage healing, foods you should avoid to prevent your symptoms, supplements that are helpful in healing your condition and the exact steps you need to take to heal.

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Heal eczema in 90 days or less

Heal eczema

Work with me so you can learn how to heal eczema once and for all.

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Hire me to find natural solutions for your particular health issue.

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Heal cancer naturally
Elimination diet alternatives
Clean-eating Costo foods
Why use a meal planner
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Hi, I'm Kenda!

I help naturally-minded mamas find natural solutions to their health problems.

I have been dealing with food issues for almost 10 years. Many years ago, after realizing that I needed to change my diet in order to eliminate my symptoms, I completed an elimination diet and, upon doing so, I healed severe eczema, digestive issues, joint pain and more. I would love to help you do the same.

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